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  1. I read the selfish gene because I'm interested in evolutionary biology. Women my age won't be impressed or care about a book I'm reading; that's a ridiculous point to bring up and try to paint me as a douchebag who's only reading it "to get chicks" I already have a girlfriend and she couldn't care less about the selfish gene. Maybe you could infer that I'm curious about evolutionary biology based on my Name alone.
  2. Can I name the Blonde and the Dorky Abrasive Social-stunted nerd? What's the worthiness of that, lol? There's no point in asking that question on an internet forum. It isn't real life where if you ask that to someone on the spot, they have to reply with only the knowledge they have offhand within a reasonable time frame. On the internet, I can just google up the characters and provide you with a satisfactory answer, despite having no knowledge of the show (by my own admission) and either you believe that I have adequate knowledge of the show, or that I don't, and simply "googled it". There's no winning for me in this situation, so I'm electing to just ignore the entire question. Secondly, I really don't see why knowing the character's /names/ is any sort of indication of something meaningful. I see the characters for /what/ they are, not /who/ they are. I see their mannerisms, where they hang out, and what they do, and can logically have a fair assumption and interpretation of that person. I can see the chemistry and interactions between the characters of the show, see how they behave around characters of the opposite sex. I can do all of this, all the while, not knowing any of the character's names. Whatever point you are trying to allude to by hinting that I don't even know the names of the characters in the thing that I'm critiquing, is a logical fallacy.
  3. With every condescending reply, (ie "go eat a Luna bar") you prove that you are no better than what you purport to be against; me and this thread. So thank you for proving that you aren't above insults, and degradation, all while pretending that I'm the one being mean and unreasonable. At least I haven't actually insulted an actual person, I've only spoken negatively a lot fictional characters in a TV Show, and I've been intelligence-bashed, stereotyped, and generally put down, all because you don't agree with me. Again, thank you for defeating yourselves, it saves me the trouble of having to type serious reply, because you resorted to juvenile bullying, and thus can't and won't take anything you say seriously. Luna bars are not healthy by the way, anything with wheat in it isn't. Humans haven't evolved to adeptly disgest and process wheat, it causes all kinds of problems, from Celiac's, to IBS, to nerve inflammation. But, I digress. I just wanted to try and refute the assumption that I eat Luna Bars =P I don't eat anything that comes wrapped in a plastic wrapper and claims to have "heart healthy whole grains" It's all a myth, wheat is absolutely terrible for you. Research backs this.
  4. The show is not realistically portraying men OR Women, it's insulting to anyone with an actual social disease like Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. That's what's insulting. And I've watched enough of it to get the general gist of their antics and behaviors. 10/10 blondes going for the geeky and abrasive guy who would rather play an MMORPG than pay attention to them; right, that's realistic for sure.
  5. I am speaking from the point of view of man. You can't deny that you don't see a lot of really geeky guys romantically involved with very, very good looking women. There are always exceptions to the rule.
  6. Why do they play this show at the Gym? There's many TVs, and some of them happen to be on the right channel at the right time. It's probably coincidental. Although they are mainly TBS re-runs.
  7. "Just as it's a logical failing to see some intelligent person and assume they don't have the ability to date woman. But you don't seem to mind using it. As a matter of fact, you complain about various examples we use, when you are using the same thing." At best, this is a strawman, and at worse, invincible ignorance fallacy. You disregard the other traits they have, other than "being smart" They are Awkward. They are abrasive, they are sometimes mean and insensitive. It's not simply them being Normal, but they're smart, and therefore have the ability to date women. Anyone has the ability to "date women". A 5 year old kid can "date women". It doesn't mean they are going to be successful. I never, ever said or suggested "being smart means you don't have the ability to date women" I took in account the total package they offer, and "being smart" is incidental. They are very awkward and sheepish, they are abrasive, etc. It would be one thing if I were trying to assert that "being smart means you really have no understanding of dating" but I didn't, at all. Please don't twist my words into something I never said or even suggested. And we all know that the Jock stereotype portrays them as bumbling buffoons, which is why I even brought that up. The "Being smart" stereotype does not infer a lack of dating success; being an awkward Nerd does. Don't confuse simply "being intelligent" with "being intelligent, but also being introverted, awkward, abrasive, brittle, off putting" as they are two completely different things. "I thought you were interested in high brow pursuits? Someone like that would probably know what an emotional IQ is." Based on what, your extensive research and poling of intelligent people and what terms they are or aren't familiar with? Logical fallacy at it's finest, I'm sorry but don't try to hold yourself up on a pedestal or disregard how I describe myself, because I'm not familiar with a term.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by "Emotional IQ" Do you mean the ability to read someone's emotion? Do you mean being able to be sympathize with someone on an emotional level? Do you mean valuing an emotional bond with someone over all other attributes? These are all things that I am capable of. But until you define exactly what you mean by "Emotional IQ" it's just a Buzzword to me. Also, how exactly am I narcissistic? I was accused of being shallow or "compensating" for something in this thread, so I refuted that by describing myself. I'm no more vain than the next man. Do I recognize myself as good looking? Yes. But that has to do more with all the hard work I put in, not being born as God's Gift to Women, which I /Never/ pretend to be. I just have confidence in my appearance, which, I think is deserved, as I put in many, many hours of hard work to achieve. I wasn't handed my appearance on a silver platter with a license to go forth and mock the ugly ones. I was tired of being out of shape and did something about it, and now I can reap the rewards, a year and a half later. It was a struggle, it was hard, but it was worth it. And I'm not even remarkably buff either. I have lean muscle mass, as opposed to bulky Arnold Schwarzengger Muscle Mass. 175 lbs isn't "Buff" by any stretch of the imagination. It's more "lean and defined" which was achieved through dieting more than working out. I have body issues just like the rest of humanity. I have insecurities, I have weak points. I don't claim to be perfect or a member of "the Aryan Master Race" I am simply an outsider looking in, and expressing my disdain for a particular TV Show. I'm not more or less dysfunctional than anyone else out on these forums. I am real, I am vulnerable, but I just happen to incidently, take care of my Body. This should mean absolutely nothing to anyone except myself. I never claim to be better than anyone. The only person I am better than is the Old me.
  9. There's these things called "Smartphones" You can do a surprising amount of things on them. Signing up for these forums and writing that post took all of 20 minutes, less than one set of Cardio. Anyone here going to even address my points, or did I waste my time?
  10. It's obviously walking into a hornet's nest posting what I have, but no one has refuted what I said. It's all been basically a bunch of feel-good scenes being pointed out as examples (i.e.: "giving her a shoulder to cry on) this doesn't mean anything, it was a scene written by the writers to propel a narrative. Just as the show stereotypes nerds, it stereotypes jocks. I can assure you, I, nor the vast majority of athletic men, are airheads like the jocks out of Revenge of the Nerds. I am actually incredibly intelligent, the fact that I have a well defined body is incidental. Nobody just goes "Well, I'm an idiot, so I better start lifting weights!". It's pretty condescending to just assume "jock = dumb as rocks". I'm interested in high brow subject matter more than frivolous pursuits and acting like a moron. The other day I had a long discussion with a friend about globalization and how we exploit third world countries. I recently completed reading "the selfish gene" by Dawkins. Today, I spent hours pouring over HTML code, debugging what I thought to be an insignificant problem (turned into a 5 hour nightmare search for two erroneous lines of code) These are all things that aren't exclusively done by Nerds. If I choose to workout a lot, where's the rule that says that I have to be an airhead? It's a logical fallacy to just see someone who's In shape, and think "what an idiot". I work out my mind as much as my body But, In the show's defense, Of course there's attractive women who would want to be with them, but there's a difference between reluctantly giving them a shot on a couple dates and absolutely fawning over them, like they aren't awkward geeks (They Are). This is where my problem comes in. Their personalities are off putting and in the case of Sheldon, absolutely Toxic. This is not how the real world works. If you're smart and even reasonably attractive, acting like Sheldon is going to net you 0 dates. The other guys have sort of a nerdy charm about them, but Sheldon? He has some sort of crippling social anxiety or Austism, and why people think that this is an ok way to act (and actually get women!) is ridiculous. This is not an unreasonable complaint.
  11. I'm not Sure who this Kurt character is, but it isn't me. I literally googled "Big Bang theory forums" and this was the first match. Basically I just wanted to rant. Of course the post isn't completely serious, but I do have some valid points. I don't watch the show, or any TV for that matter, but whenever I catch this show, it's on the TVs at my Gym. As far as myself, no, I'm not jealous or petty. I am a very good looking guy. I am white, 6'0 tall, 176 Lbs, 25 years old with good muscle tone, blond hair and light blue eyes. I get many looks from attractive girls all the time, I'm not concerned with my personal attraction level, as I am very lucky to be good looking and I built my body up with hard work and by doing the Paleo diet since last April. Just because I point out what I did in this thread, does not mean I'm ugly or insecure. My personal looks do not influence my disdain for the way this show portrays laws of attraction. The only reason I even posted here was because reruns of this show play on the TVs at my gym like everyday. When I'm doing cardio, it's either that or sportscenter, and I care not for sports. So I usually get short glimpses of this show, and sure enough, super, ridiculous hot women are all over these guys. And when I mean "losers" I only mean that in regards to having game with women. I don't mean losers as in being unsuccessful and still living at home, they're losers in the sense of how successful they would actually be in the 20 something dating world. My best friend is very smart and educated, very interesting personality. And whenever we go out, I always receive more female admiration because of how he looks. He is skinny, pale, but not bad looking, like the guys on the show. He has a master's degree in journalism, but that does very little for most 20-something women. He has to date older women almost exclusively, and usually throughonline dating, because of how he looks (skinny and pale, yet smart and with a degree) because the hot blonds around our age are more interested in muscles than degrees (based on what I've observed anyway) *sorry if this double posts* mobile browser is acting strange If an admin can, I would appreciate my other copy of this post me removed, as it was incomplete
  12. This show is hilariously, ridiculously inaccurate in regards to the rules of attraction. While looks aren't everything, it's sickening that hot women are fawning over super skinny, dorky losers who have no game and no confidence. This doesn't happen in real life. Sheldon is ridiculously skinny and anti social, and is definitely not attractive to most women. Same with the rest of the cast. What fantasy world does this show take place in, where gorgeous blonds are competing for the affection of these skinny loser beta males? I thinks it's condescending to women to portray this. The male equivalent of this happening would be like Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman fervently competing for the affection of frumpy, plain, or fat women. It just doesn't happen. Not only that, but women seem to be a central theme in this show. It seems like there's always a beautiful girl involved with these losers, it's not just a few episodes; it's the majority. It would be one thing it they simply just looked like skinny losers, but made up for it with an amazing, witty personality, but that isn't the case. They're absolutely anti social and offensively bad at female interaction. This is spreading the message that super skinny losers who would choose a Star Trek marathon over a smoking hot blond, have a very good chance of being in a meaningful relationship with said hot women. News flash: skinny and short, awkward Beta Males are as unattractive to women, as super obese women are to men. Would you find a show about Hugh Jackman who actively courts Rebel Wilson to be an accurate portrayal of our society today? Of course not, and yet that's exactly what is happening on the Big Bang theory, and it's almost sickening. Not only that, but most of the guys, Sheldon in particular, are very brittle and abrasive, condescending and rude to most women on the show, or at best, spineless and have the behavior associated with a beta male who has zero game in regards to female interaction. If this were the real world, women would want nothing to do with these skinny. This show is offensively bad in regards to showing the exact opposite. These losers are almost portrayed as God's gift to Women. These adorable chicks wouldn't be spending tine with these losers, and certainly wouldn't be interested in them romantically. This show can't go off the air fast enough. Cliff notes: Skinny = unattractive, especially to hot blonds who could have any man in the world Abrasive,rude and Brittle personalities = unattractive Choosing video games and Star Trek over hot women = MAJOR TURN OFF This show is completely out of touch with how geeks really are. Terrible, tacky, unrealistic show that needs to die.
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