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  1. Kaley and Johnny visited the set of The Fuller house yesterday https://instagram.com/p/6Vg8jExyxP/
  2. Well, in a way, Todd is "to blame" by the fact that he's with Jim. Pretty sure If you'd ask Jim himself "Why are you not with Mayim?" his answer would be something around "Because I'm with Todd" or "Cause I'm in love with Todd" rather than "Because I'm gay". Thats more Jim, when the answer can be explained with love he'd take that before bringing up labels. And it's kind of proven by the fact that when a girl asked Bill Prady on twitter if she could date Jim, Bill answered "Jim's taken", not "Jim's gay". And when Mayim was confronted about the Majim ship on insta, she also answered without bringing up the Gay- aspect. Think those two, knowing Jim better than many people, only would be confident to answer in his place if they knew Jim would have answered the same way. And I know it can come as a surprise to some, but the Jodd shippers share just as much blame as to why Todd don't like insta as the Majim shippers do. It was a Jodd that brought a camera to Jim's and Todd's house and posted the whole documentation on insta after. It was a Jodd who went on Todd's moms facebook, took a private family pic and posted on instagram, which Todd later found out about and requested to be taken down. It's the Jodds that have open discussions in comment sections where they are speculating about Jim's and Todd's private live, tagging them in comments where they are pushing them to get married and have babies, a girl even jokely suggested that Todd should "rape" Jim so they could have babies. Sure, it was Majim shippers who went crazy under the ice bucket challenge pic where Mayim said they would "do it", and yes, it was Majim shippers who started that hate account towards Todd a year ago, where Todd had to interact and ask them to stop tagging him. But Todd have also reacted towards Jodd accounts, asking them to not tag him in everything. And there's no wonder. If you go a Jodd-account on instagram what you mostly will find is pictures taking by paparazzis, or private people taking candid shots of them when they're at a restuarant or at the theatre, which they have the nerves to tag both Jim and Todd in. Like Jim and Todd would want to see this or be reminded about that they no longer have a private life and can't go on a date together without getting photographed. Some people don't get that Todd's account is private for a reason, and that Jim stopped tagging him for a reason, and I doubt some people will get that Ryan's hashtag was a subdued reminder to people that Todd's account is not open, and it's not for everyone to use his name. And those "some people", are not just Majim shippers...
  3. The girl set her insta account to private after she saw someone screen capped her pics and posted on twitter without her permission and how it ended up here. She just wanted to show her friends, not for it to be shared around the fandom. Those who had the good sense of asking if they could repost were kindly asked not to. It was stated in the girls comment section on insta that her aunt was stage manager.
  4. Yes, probably in Nyc. People have been claiming they've spotted him and one of the angels wrote they're now under rehearsal
  5. Jim has expressed his turn-off for babies on big bang more than once, most recently in a interview with All Pinoy News in March: He seems to be all pro on them to get married though, which he even talked about as late as this friday on the alumni honers in SD.
  6. Yeah he's not really dressed for the marathon..
  7. Simon's in London. Spotted in Notting Hill just minutes ago https://instagram.com/p/179OEOw0gK/
  8. Have seen the scans too, but yeah we're not allowed to post them here. It's very sweet and funny. I laughted at his mother having him I. Q. tested and then didn't wanna tell him the result. And the part about running a DNA test on Otis, poor thing!
  9. They've been saying "he's coming up soon" for two hours. Bless you Dan, but this is why I have trust issues.
  10. Don't know if anyone has posted on it already. But actress Kathrine Von Till guest stars in tonights episode. And apparently, they were working on set during the weekend. The people going on WB tour met the Assistant director on Saturday while being on Stage 25. And on Sunday it was closed for visitors. Don't know if it means some kind of special was in the making or something.
  11. I'm so glad I'm 24 and don't care what people think of me still ordering happy meals. Apparently a girl in the audience on the taping tonight was lucky enough to get to wish Jim happy birthday.
  12. Yeah its a bit weird... even Jim seems to have thought so. He brought it up when they asked if there ever was a scene he reacted to not really being IC with Sheldon.
  13. Thats what you're pointing out after I just provided the info that we were robbed on a scene where Jim is showing his belly?!
  14. Reading a interview with Jim and he talks about a recent shamy scene that was cut where Sheldon pulls up his sweater and have his belly buttom talk to Amy. Lol. Suspect it was the one that was replaced with Sheldon playing Stars Wars theme on his nose
  15. His confession has already gone viral http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3004598/Jim-Parsons-reveals-crush-Home-star-Rihanna-t-scent.html "Smelldon" - Only in british media..
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