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  1. The bed bothered me as well. Looks like Sheldon grown! Haha. At first I though the feet were hanging out cause he was just lying further down on the bed, but then I noticed his head is actually almost at the headboard. Weird. Love that Mayim liked the pic on insta! Reliving some fine memories I guess [emoji14]
  2. This blogger got to sit down with Jim. Her interview will be out here http://teachme2save.com on 3/23
  3. Jim's first snap? [emoji14] *************************** JIM PARSONS recording at Elite promos for his new movie HOME. Thrilled to have him here. Big Ban theory TV Show http://t.co/ApwV6AaDmq
  4. Didn't notice before but thats one nice fitted jacket he's wearing Currently doing interviews at the Mandarin oriental
  5. Another leg spread.. A special thanks to the one and only #JimParsons for answering our #fashion Dos and Don'ts! http://t.co/qtVA5wplQF
  6. Since its Amy's fanfic dream, I don't think her Cooper is dressed in batman undies [emoji14] Pretty sure he wears nada.
  7. Jim on the morning show Despierta America earlier today ☝the socks.
  8. Pretty sure I'm dead. This is heaven. Jim is an angel.
  9. There's also a 8 sec vid I can't post here but made two gifs He says " The thing I most liked about the movie home was the way it showed how two extremly different people who perhaps had prejudgement of eachother could really come to find commond ground and even love for each other, and a real friendship by the end"
  10. You two in a car. Put me on speaker phone and we'll hunt him down together. I'm not kidding.
  11. Now he's at the Elite music studios..jacket off. doing a promo thing for Home. Eta: he just left
  12. My Florida girl Joyce found him He's at the telemundo network doing an interview for mujer. These photos was just posted on insta:
  13. Seems like he's in Miami. So no need for warm coat.
  14. It was an airport. LAX Hat and glasses are back.
  15. Screens of the empire mag is up. Can't post them here, but its a fun interview. He talks of crushing on Olivia Newton John, his nicknames through the years, buying grosseries, the beatles and then its the last question, about how hairy his butt is. Dear lord.
  16. Shout out to the Union Jacks! Jim's in the empire magazine that just gone out for sale in super markets. Apparently its a really funny one-page interview, so hurry out and grab a copy, and then come back and tell us
  17. The official instagram account just wrote in the comment section "For now we can only say it is a strictly limited engagement."
  18. He told her to tell them he likes them and sent her a kiss. Aaaww
  19. Its the official account. They created one on twitter too and confirmed they were.
  20. One of the reasons I was surprised to him playing this role is that I also took it to be kind of a one-man show and I've always heard Jim praising on how wonderful it is to be part of an ensemble and working on something together as a group. I think he even listed it as one of the reasons he enjoys theatre so much.
  21. Wow, the news about this are everywhere. Hope tickets wont go too fast! Broadway.com did this
  22. Yes. I said it could just as well be fan made. I don't know how detailed they are with props on the show.
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