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  1. I loved this episode!! It was funny and touching and included everyone!! Two thumbs up!! I agree with what everyone said about the hallway scene so I won't repeat it. I will give extra kudos to the writers for really hammering home the point that Sheldon would be giving up his room. In the scene where he kept saying - 'but it's my ROOM' and everyone yelling 'it won't be your room anymore' - IMO made the visual of him walking away more symbolic. He chose Amy. I know I am in the minority but I am of the opinion that Sheldon and Amy need to stay in 4B. I wish they had more room in 4B and I know Sheldon lived in 4A first and he invited Leonard into the apartment. However, 4A is The Home of Sheldon. Sure Leonard lived there but to me he and EVERYBODY else is ALWAYS a guest of Sheldon in 4A. I think Sheldon and Amy can have somewhat equal footing in 4B. In 4B Sheldon has given up the bathroom schedule, seemingly the meal schedule, his SPOT temporarily and even allows someone in his bedroom - well he really had no choice (lol). I do not believe that could have been accomplished as easily in 4A. Also, I fear he may revert if he goes back. I like that Sheldon is growing and not necessarily being forced to change - if that makes sense. AWESOME Episode!!
  2. This was a FANTASTIC episode!! I laughed out loud several times - but Leonard - dancing in his underwear - funniest thing ever!!
  3. THANK YOU to all who gave information on the taping. I used to possess the ability to 'wait and see' but since discovering this forum that ability has been lost. LOL! Of course I want to see the actual episode but I am going to be in the minority here and say - I understand Amy's actions in this. I think for Amy it is not just about being in love but also about sexuality. I do NOT for a minute think that sex is the be all and end all for her. But I do believe it is important. I think it is important in all relationships that you feel that your partner wants you in a sexual way. That they find you appealing. That they 'want' you. Sheldon never really acts as if he is interested in her sexually. I know that Sheldon as portrayed is NOT a sexual person. But I would think for Amy she hopes it would be different. It has to hurt that while you are in the middle of an intense make-out session that your partner would in essence prefer to be doing something else - like watching a television show. We know Sheldon - if this show is on his mind he DVR'd it. I think for Amy she feels and I agree that she has to work too hard to get Sheldon to interact with her on a sexual level. I think the biting comments from Bernadette and others about her lacking sexuality are always in her head and Sheldons reactions or lack thereof only reinforce her feelings and insecurities in that area. Sheldon in essence is saying that their making-out is not foremost in his thoughts. He is really not invested in it because he is thinking of something else and NOT thinking of taking it to its natural progression which is what most people would be thinking of at that moment. I know - Sheldon isn't most people - but for Amy this has to be a bit of a blow. I think she is right to take a step back and decide if this non-sexual relationship is one that she is willing to live with. Does she continue to devote time to a relationship that does not give her the satisfaction that she craves? And lets be honest - Amy has ALWAYS wanted a sexual relationship with Sheldon. Sheldon seemingly does NOT want that type of relationship. Does she continue to wait for Sheldon to want her sexually? After 5 years she has to face the reality that it may never happen. I think Amy is right to think about the type of relationship she wants and not just continue to conform with what Sheldon wants. I hope this 'break' isn't a long one.
  4. I am a Shamy fan and I have to say I agree with Meka3000 on this. How many times do we watch Sheldon just completely disregard Amy when he makes these big decisions regarding HIS future? The writers are basically telling us that in Sheldon's mind - Amy does NOT factor in his future. I think today was the first time that Amy honestly and directly addressed this issue with Sheldon. I do not think for one minute that him running away this summer wasn't foremost in her mind. Amy let him know that he hurt her and removed herself from the situation so it resonated with Sheldon that he upset her. Score Amy! But I still do not think he got it. Sure he invited her to come along and I think that was only done to stop her from being upset. But like you said it will happen again because he STILL didn't get the part that when you are in a relationship that type of decision should be made together. Sheldon has such a reckless disregard for how Amy feels about him that it is almost painful to watch. This is not FUNNY for me. I think I was more offended that EVERYONE in the group knew about the trip to Mars and Sheldon did NOT tell Amy even though they all told him she would be upset. He still did not tell Amy. He told the turtle and Amy just happen to hear it. I am sick of the 'Sheldon is just being Sheldon' line. True - Sheldon treats all of them like crap sometimes - hell most times. Amy being his 'girlfriend' should carry some consideration. He prides himself on being able to learn any and everything about any and everything How hard can it be to learn some basics about how to treat your girlfriend? In the end we got some Shamy goodness but I must confess these handholds and hugs are not having the impact they used to have with me anymore. I am holding firm but this ship may be sailing away from me and I hate this because there is so much potential being wasted.
  5. As usual I am late to the party. I just read the taping report that has caused such an uproar. There were so many great discussions that I couldn't read them all. I consider myself a Shamy and a Lenny fan and I do not believe for one second that this episode put a nail in the coffin of SHENNY. I am ashamed to admit that I watch a lot of television and anytime you have an episode like this episode - it is used to plant a seed - to consider a possibility. I truly think that is what the writers are doing here. Why do this type of episode otherwise?? Something silly and insignificant like a 'love' test becomes the spark that sets us on a different course. The key is going to be #1- how the actors played this out and #2- if we see Penny/Sheldon 'connections' that we had not seen before. Someone said that at the taping it looked like they were about to kiss?? This is when I stopped reading the discussion. If that is true that would mean that Sheldon would have kissed Penny because he WANTED to. I am a Shamy fan and to this day I contend that Sheldon has NEVER kissed Amy because he wanted to. He kissed her on the train to prove a point. He kissed her on date night because he is contractually obligated to do so. Anytime you do that old "we are not in love" - you usually are or you are about to be. From Star Wars - Anakin and Padme - "I thought we decided we weren't going to fall in love". From Fraiser - Daphne and Niles - "I am engaged to be married and Niles is married - we can't be in love." There are others but these are the ones I remember because they so closely resemble that was said between Sheldon and Penny. I HATE everything about this!!
  6. I did not find much amusing with yesterdays episode at all. As a Shamy fan I am about done with this ship. Almost everything about Sheldon's treatment, interaction and conversations with Amy are offensive - and not just in this episode - and I am finding it very hard to find anything remotely entertaining there anymore.
  7. I have only recently started to explore the fan fiction section in this forum when I saw this topic. I am loving this discussion. Let me start by saying I have a new found respect for anyone who has the courage and talent to write fan fiction. I have never successfully written a story. I was so upset by the season finale that I decided to 'fix' this mess all on my own by writing the story myself. In the end what I had created was a mess that went from observational storytelling to sudden dialogue that jumped from the POV of whomever jumped in my head at the time. I had to keep going back and laying the groundwork then jumping ahead to expound on something else. After 3 days I had maybe one page of story - and I was exhausted. There ended my writing career. My experience taught me to appreciate all of the stories I read both good and bad. I wasn't very good at leaving responses until once again - in this topic on this forum - I saw someone mention something about their hit to response ratio and I felt horrible. Now, I try to respond to whatever I read - even if it is just one line. Now for the questions......... #4 & #5 I prefer to read stories where the characters stay in character..... to a point. I like to see character development and growth. Seeing Sheldon treat Amy indifferently is very much in character but not something I enjoy reading in fan fiction. But, seeing Sheldon grow and learn to treat her differently is still in character and something I would read. I will read stories on any of the characters. I am a huge Shamy fan but I love Sheldon and Penny friendship stories. Can't do Shenny because I see Sheldon and Penny more like siblings and that becomes almost incestuous to me. (Can't do Gibbs and Abby on NCIS for the same reason - I see father/daughter - anything else UUUGGHHH.) I am really enjoying Leonard/Penny stories. I am reading a really great Amy/Raj friendship story as well. The characters can be in a war zone, in outer space, in underground bunkers, in a different dimension - so long as they have the same personalities - I'll go for the ride. As soon as Sheldon starts professing his undying love and being overtly affectionate in the middle of a crowd or when Amy starts dressing like a hooker or as someone noted above - skipping through a mall - I'm out. #6 & #7 - I will never leave a bad review. As I said above - writing is hard and I give props to anyone who tries it. If I don't like a story I will not say anything. I would never try to change the direction of your story nor will I tell you what you did 'wrong'. Your story is your vision and IMO there is no 'wrong' - if I don't agree I just leave and don't continue to read. I would be interested to know if this is what writers prefer? I had an author email me once to ask me to elaborate on a review once and I did. I felt flattered. This is a great topic and I hate that I was so late to the party. Just about every author here who responded is someone whose work I have read and enjoyed. Keep writing and I hope to leave you all reviews in the future.
  8. The endgame for me is Sheldon and Amy as a couple in a committed relationship. However, I think they need to reestablish their friendship on a more equal footing then continue to develop their 'romantic' relationship from there. I thought the writers initially were doing a good job of that - then it took this sharp turn and suddenly Amy imo was lost. I completely agree that watching Amy 'suffer' as she accepts the crumbs of affection that Sheldon drops her way is NOT entertaining - at least not for me. Amy is a brilliant woman and to see her make the choice to settle for this is offensive.
  9. Add me to the Fan Club! I loved everything Serial Apeist!! Penny all 'monkeyed' up was hysterical. A premier Red Carpet event is something I would mark on my calendar. I am LOL just imagining it!
  10. I love all of the couples on the show. Though Shamy is my favorite - I agree that Lenny is THE couple of the show. From the 1st episode we saw Leonard fall for Penny and it would be lovely to end the show with their marriage - bringing things full circle. However, considering the number of years remaining (2 -3 years?) I think that is too long to wait for them to marry. No 2+ year engagement! We have waited 7 years - on and off - that's long enough. I see Lenny moving into Penny's apartment but I see no reason for it to take place right away. The comedy/conflict could be in the process - Penny making room for Leonard; Leonards peculiarities (neatness) vs Penny's not so neatness; Sheldon and Leonard fighting over who owns what; Sheldon doing whatever he can to delay this process. But, in the end Lenny together in Penny's apartment. For the Shamy - I have always been a proponent of smart Amy and it KILLS me how this character has been reduced to a woman who seems to live only to please Sheldon. I think the character of Amy has lost her sense of self in her relationship with Sheldon. I would like for her to have used his time away to reevaluate what SHE wants in their relationship. We saw in the Christmas episode that she questions the depth of Sheldons feelings for her. Sheldon leaving the way he did has to cut deep. Amy is a brilliant and socially awkward scientist and I could see her - like Sheldon - pulling out a white board and trying to figure this out and concluding that they were better as FRIENDS. Though her heart may not agree, her scientific mind will be what she follows and in an effort to protect her now badly bruised heart - I could see her proposing that they return to the boy/friend/girl/friend paradym and focusing on her work. Because this isn't Sheldon's idea I don't think he will like it. An Amy focused on her work can't keep Sheldon as the center of her attention and despite all of his protests about their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship I would like to see him be the one to fight to get that focus back. Wishful thinking but this was fun.
  11. Got up early this morning to re-watch the show and THE KISS scene about 20 times and I was reminded of the song "It's A Thin Line Between Love and Hate". Up until THE KISS I was pissed with Sheldon and would have been perfectly fine with Amy dumping his a$$ on Valentines day. I was ready to let SHAMY go and move on. But, then THE KISS happened!! It really happened and like the GODFATHER -just when I thought I was out - the SHAMY pulled me back in. It took less than 5 minutes to make me fall all over again. I could SEE all of the promise and the energy and chemistry and I was reminded of why I - like Amy - have endured. I am so ready to continue this journey. Long live the SHAMY!!!
  12. That KISS was lovely! I can not wipe the smile off of my face! I found myself chanting "Oh my Goodness! Oh My Goodness!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!" over and over and over again as the kiss went on and on and on......................... The KISS was PERFECT!!!! Well done TBBT!! Well done Jim and Mayim!!
  13. I know Amy studies animals with addiction related problems. I also know that to determine if their is a change in behavior you have to know what would be considered 'normal' behavior first. Amy could go join an 'animal addition' study that is taking place in one of those areas that may be further along in their study than they are at UCLA/Caltech. Regardless, I am just thinking of a way they could be separated for the summer.
  14. If someone has to leave for the summer I think I would like for it to be both AMY and SHELDON - but to separate locations in different parts of the world. Maybe Amy gets the opportunity to observe the monkeys she studies in their native habitats in some exotic place like the rainforest in South America or the deep areas of Africa. A place where electronic communication is limited. While Sheldon gets the opportunity to go the where the super collider is in Europe (I think). I would love to see them both so excited about their opportunities to advance their studies - only to have them realize in the mist of their excitement that they will literally be out of communication and isolated from one another for the duration of their travels.
  15. New to this forum and not sure how to insert a quote - this is in reference to the post about Lenny and Shamy fans being concerned. I think you have a point here in regards to Sheldon being more concerned with L/P's relationship than his own - but - in all honesty I haven't seen much evidence that Sheldon has ever really been concerned with his relationship with Amy since they became boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the 2nd instance this season where we see other men taking an interest in Amy. The 1st being the opening episode with Bernadette on their business trip and the men buying them drinks. It is almost like the waters are being tested for Amy outside of the Sheldon pairing. As a fan of Shamy I am very concerned that Amy is ALWAYS mindful of her relationship with Sheldon where Sheldon is rarely mindful of his relationship with her.
  16. Thought this was a GOOD episode and graded it as such. I like how they are mixing up the groupings - Amy/Raj/Howard and Bernadette/Stuart. I thought that worked well and was pretty amusing. I think the only 'pairing' we haven't seen is Bernadette/Sheldon. I would be interested to see these two together for a change. I agree with many who said that the major questions of the night were not addressed - What is happening between L/P? Marriage? Cohabitation? WHAT?? The dynamics will change if Penny moves in with Leonard and Sheldon and I'm not sure in a good way for LENNY. Twice already this season we've seen Sheldon/Penny standing shoulder to shoulder opposite Leonard in a discussion. I fear the character of Leonard will simply disappear in this possible new arrangement if the writers are not mindful.
  17. After the WELCOME - this is my first official post so forgive me that I haven't figured out how to quote from other posts yet ;-) Has there been a spoiler or something that says that the living arrangements are going to change? Why would Penny have to move in with the Guys - and give up her apartment - i.e. her independence. Or, why now it would be acceptable for Leonard to move in with her when it was not OK a short time ago and again lose her independence by becoming 'dependant' on him for financial support. I know she and Sheldon are friends but I remember the episode where she was extremely uncomfortable borrowing money from him. I just don't see Penny being good with that. Nor do I think it reflects well on Lenny if Sheldon is Penny's financial support. IMO Sheldon is waaayyyy too involved in their relationship as is. We have seen that she is more comfortable accepting assistance from Leonard - they are in a relationship afterall. However, I think that in light of their interactions in the last episode that Penny may not be as comfortable as she once was particularly if she quits CCF without a prior discussion and if she doesn't feel she has his support. Finances are going to be an issue for her as they are with most aspiring actors. I hope the solution to her financial woes is her FATHER. Let Wyatt invest in his daughter. I think Penny needs the 'escape' her apartment provides when Sheldon and/or Leonard become too much. I love the idea of Penny going all in with her acting I just do not want her to have to give up her apartment or her independence to do it.
  18. Hello Everyone! Been lurking on this site for about 2 months and decided to join yesterday. Yeah for me. Have been a fan of the show since it began and now my love has reached obsessional levels. I saw this site mentioned on another site and became a regular reader. I am a fan of ALL of the characters on the show and on any given day will have a different favorite. If I had to pick - I think the characters that are my favorites more often than not are Amy and Penny. I look forward to joining the discussions.
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