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  1. I am not sure if penny would like to see her husband as the Fonze, all the girls gushing over him; not good for leonard , but would be funny. I Could see leonard be 007 and sweeping penny off her feet with some 007 lingo.
  2. The first I agree one million percent S10, the guys iinvention takes off; they form a LLC with university and penny is hired as PR exec. I think the invention Leonard is working on with guys is going to be a big part of S10 Wow, amazing
  3. The most romantic moment was when Leonard gave penny a snow flake from the north pole,
  4. I dont think penny is not a child, she had been in adulthood for most of the show. She could become a cop, I could see her do law enforcement I meant penny is not a child, she is an adult in her outlook to life I agree, only supportive things regarding our favorite couple. Strange to hear penny is indifferent to her husband. No need negativity regarding lenny. I am a harcore lenny defender. Go lenny
  5. Hahaha very funny the above , perhaps he is the most romantic on planet mars certainly not planet earth Fellow lennies , lenny to do wedding redo before end of s9
  6. I think it is really funny To see penny metamorphosis into a nerd, her leonard loves it.
  7. I think it is funny to see queen bee transforming herself into a Nerd, her Leonard loves it.
  8. I agree, lenny love each other. But I am really happy that Leonard finnally told penny she always takes sheldon side. I just wished they baby story with penny. I hope penny gets pregnant on s 10. lenny deserve better things than hanging out at island. And next time when lenny go way somewhere, I hope they don't take an entourage with them like they do now.
  9. Really, leonard better stay in his roon while his parents are in town; Penny will handle them like when Leonard sends her to kill spiders in the bathtub. I agree, lenny always meant to be with each other.:-) season ten they will shine. Sucks, no tbbt tonite,
  10. I think the writers love to make things challenging for lenny even if married now. I cannot fathom as to why penny does not support her husband on his argument with sheldon. I sense payback feeling cause Leonard kept the bank account secret from her. ( no pun intended towards penny, as a lenny that is out the question ,) Sheldon is like her brother, she has to choose. I sense amy having jealousy issues cause if penny. Ps: tensor, i unintentionally deviated to shamy topic Leonard has accepted since the begging that he does what she wants. At the restaurant on Valentine's episode, when Leonard said to penny " you are right, I am stupid, you are pretty " the hat situation was if the same. As long he does what penny wishes, he will be okay. :-)
  11. And leonard " our babies will be smart and beautiful " on the first episode , Leonard found the inner Leonard, in many ways the lenny of now are still the same today as they were then.
  12. Cool, the grand daddy of them all; so their journey it begins
  13. On upcoming episode, classical argument between leonard and know who, regarding the roommate agreement. Penny for oddly takes Sheldon side. Leonard the sensitive of lenny; how will he take this from his wife. at the end of the day love conquers all, but leonard must find strength to overcome this penny. :-) lately our favorite couple seem to just fight, hey writers bring lenny valentine stuff, not fights. Go lenny
  14. Gracias( thank you ) I feel much better now
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