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  1. I am not sure if penny would like to see her husband as the Fonze, all the girls gushing over him; not good for leonard , but would be funny. I Could see leonard be 007 and sweeping penny off her feet with some 007 lingo.
  2. The first I agree one million percent S10, the guys iinvention takes off; they form a LLC with university and penny is hired as PR exec. I think the invention Leonard is working on with guys is going to be a big part of S10 Wow, amazing
  3. The most romantic moment was when Leonard gave penny a snow flake from the north pole,
  4. I dont think penny is not a child, she had been in adulthood for most of the show. She could become a cop, I could see her do law enforcement I meant penny is not a child, she is an adult in her outlook to life I agree, only supportive things regarding our favorite couple. Strange to hear penny is indifferent to her husband. No need negativity regarding lenny. I am a harcore lenny defender. Go lenny
  5. Hahaha very funny the above , perhaps he is the most romantic on planet mars certainly not planet earth Fellow lennies , lenny to do wedding redo before end of s9
  6. I think it is really funny To see penny metamorphosis into a nerd, her leonard loves it.
  7. I think it is funny to see queen bee transforming herself into a Nerd, her Leonard loves it.
  8. I agree, lenny love each other. But I am really happy that Leonard finnally told penny she always takes sheldon side. I just wished they baby story with penny. I hope penny gets pregnant on s 10. lenny deserve better things than hanging out at island. And next time when lenny go way somewhere, I hope they don't take an entourage with them like they do now.
  9. Really, leonard better stay in his roon while his parents are in town; Penny will handle them like when Leonard sends her to kill spiders in the bathtub. I agree, lenny always meant to be with each other.:-) season ten they will shine. Sucks, no tbbt tonite,
  10. I think the writers love to make things challenging for lenny even if married now. I cannot fathom as to why penny does not support her husband on his argument with sheldon. I sense payback feeling cause Leonard kept the bank account secret from her. ( no pun intended towards penny, as a lenny that is out the question ,) Sheldon is like her brother, she has to choose. I sense amy having jealousy issues cause if penny. Ps: tensor, i unintentionally deviated to shamy topic Leonard has accepted since the begging that he does what she wants. At the restaurant on Valentine's episode, when Leonard said to penny " you are right, I am stupid, you are pretty " the hat situation was if the same. As long he does what penny wishes, he will be okay. :-)
  11. And leonard " our babies will be smart and beautiful " on the first episode , Leonard found the inner Leonard, in many ways the lenny of now are still the same today as they were then.
  12. Cool, the grand daddy of them all; so their journey it begins
  13. On upcoming episode, classical argument between leonard and know who, regarding the roommate agreement. Penny for oddly takes Sheldon side. Leonard the sensitive of lenny; how will he take this from his wife. at the end of the day love conquers all, but leonard must find strength to overcome this penny. :-) lately our favorite couple seem to just fight, hey writers bring lenny valentine stuff, not fights. Go lenny
  14. Gracias( thank you ) I feel much better now
  15. There is an news article where the co winner of 2015 Nobel winner for physics posed for pics with zack in a recent tapping. Is the zack thing coming back to cause any rift between our favorite couple? Perhaps over thinking. But it is odd, I think. Any ideas on what penny new career can be?
  16. Penny's credit card debt sounds large,Yet she makes more money them him, he must make peanuts as experimental physicist, I Lennies, our favorite couple is number one and will be always numero uno. Dont forget that fellow lennies, numero uno I hope she has not put any savings under some kind of ponce financial scheme, promising exorbitant returns above stock market returns ( DOW ) that would be bad. I m very curious as to how Leonard's dad will think of penny. Any thoughts
  17. Fair to assume that penny went back to bedroom to be with her husband, amy and sheldon are by themselves playing the game . Too cute, penny just looks at leonard and he follows her orders, good man. And their epic love story begins, akin of a Shakespearean story with no tragic end. Beauty and beast, leonard lives in apartment (gallows) penny on the surface and loves her bearded polar bear. , :-)
  18. Very funny when penny made fun of Leonard cause if his hat, then complemented Sheldon in his hat. I think penny enjoys annoying leonard in a good way. :-) tender moment between lenny when they made up. Leonard should know better not to keep secrets from penny, seems he never learns his lesson, but at the end of the day they love each other still.
  19. I agree, probably who gets up earlier makes breakfast. If leonard makes it, he will serve it in bed to his queen. Our favoriye couple don't stop amazing us lennies :-) really really cool
  20. The upcoming episode seems to have some lenny intersection
  21. thought it was great to see penny really interested on leonard Work
  22. And Leonard puts his favorite show on, buffy the vampire slayer :-). Maybe leonard will catch a break , Fellow lennies, I read an interview by one major cast members the others day, and cast member not really too keen on having babies added to the tbbt. We will probably not see lenny with babies, which is disappointing.
  23. I agree, lenny and howerdette are funny together when they are doing something as couples. the little peck Leonard gave penny was cute, the flowers; leonard is a gentleman towards penny as always. Probably new penny career have W Penny new career will have her as a quantum physics physicist
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