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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Looking forward to contributing to the site.
  2. Howdy All, So i'm new to the site but not BBT. I did miss a few seasons after the 3rd, mainly due to work and home life being so busy. But I have taken the time now to start watching the entire series over again via DVD and online. I'm up to midway in Season 5 now and have been enjoying every minute. So this got me thinking, since I enjoy the show so much maybe I should try to get tickets for a taping. After researching where to buy and the stories behind how to get them, I set off yesterday in a morning full of multiple browser windows and F5 presses. Lo and behold after, what seemed liked hours, I was able to get two priority tickets to the show (NO STANDBY FOR ME). I let my wife know that I got the tickets and will be making plans to fly out for the taping. We were going to come out the California anyways to visit my family, so win/win situation here. I KNOW I KNOW... it's not a guarantee and they can be re-scheduled, but i'm up for a vacation anyways, and thought what the heck. The show isn't going anywhere, so i'm pretty confident we'll see the taping. And I'll have plenty of other things to do. So I look forward to catching up with even more episodes and visiting the forums to see the discussions. I'll definiltey report back on the taping experience when it happens.
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