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  1. I don't mind Amy sleeping in Leonard's room during the cohabitation - Shamy sleeping together would be a bit "too much " IMO - but Shamy cohabiting with Lenny still in 4A: YUCK! I really hope that the "experiment " will take place when Lenny is on a trip, or maybe as part of the experiment while Amy tries living with Sheldon in 4A, Lenny try living like a married couple ( LOL ) in 4B.
  2. I don't know what the birthday gift has anything to do with gender roles. Sex isn't a birthday gift, whatever the genders of the people are. Because so many people were pleased with the fact that Shamy reconciled and couldn't care less how they did it. Personally, the how they reconciled has always annoyed me, and one of my greatest worries during all the time apart was that the writers didn't know how to reconcile them and would go the easy and cheap way. Sorry I was right.
  3. OK, now that I'm done with watching season 9, I can say it: I hate season 9, it is the worst season just before the pointless season 2. My reasons are that some episodes are so badly written that it is ridiculous ( Earworm, Meemaw ), some could have been nice but left a bitter taste / made me uncomfortable ( Opening Night, Separation Oscillation, Line Substitution, Viewing Party ), and finally, some were really boring ( the Celebration Experimentation, Helium ) Too much romance ( even though I'm a Shamy ), not enough science or geeky stuff ( even if I'm intrigued with the GPS story: where are they going with this story? I hope it's better used that season 8 Shelnard's paper that was so promising but left aside very quickly... ), and, the worst: not funny enough. I think I can make a list of the scenes when I laughed out loud: Sheldon brought by force to the van, the boys playing with their swords when Kripke turned his back, Bernadette spying in front of the restaurant. Finally, there are only 2 episodes I really loved: the Platonic Permutation and the Valentino Submergence. The other episodes go from an "OK +" to a " horrible " range.
  4. I agree, Platonic Permutation is one of the best episode of the season. But I disgree with the rest. Earworm is one of the worst, if not THE WORST episode of the season. I know fanfics which are better written. I'm watching TBBT because it's supposed to be written by professional writers, if now a scenario makes me think a cheap fanfic ( several to be honest ), there's a real problem. As for Opening Night, I can't go beyond the " sex as a birthday gift ". The rest of the episode is really nice, but when you think of Sheldon's motives, it makes me sick. There's another real problem here, the evidence being that they never mentioned sex between Sheldon and Amy ever again, as if Sheldon really meant it when he said that the next time would be the next year... So sorry, but IMO season 9 is one of the worst season mainly because of its poor writing.
  5. This conversation reassures me. I'm not a " Day 1 viewer " I started watching the show after I watched accidently the Flaming Spittoon Acquisition on the French TV. I immediately fell in love with Shamy because of that episode, the scene at the cinema was so striking that I wanted to know everyhting about them and that's how I got into the show. Yet I really was angry with 8*24 - I still think that break turned break-up lead nowhere ans was pointless unless for creating cheap suspense - and I often felt not only lonely since then, but I have always felt that every time I dared voicing my negative impressions of the episodes I was kind of bashed because " you have to be positive " or " the pay-off is going to be great " and when the pay-off wasn't as great as expected ( never expected much of the break-up anyway ) " but they're back together, what do you need more?". I'm not hiding that even if I am a Shamy I've always been more of a Sheldon fan than an Amy fan. So maybe I obviously couldn't side with Amy during the break-up. Anyway I was angry at Amy, because to me she had never shown she still loved Sheldon - to me she has always been desesperate to have a boyfriend, and was really happy when Sheldon showed up at her door because it certainly was less scary or simpler to have him instead af Sheldon-fan Dave - and because she always rejected the fault on Sheldon without even noticing that it takes two people to make a relationship fail. So, I was unhappy with the whole break-up thing, I was unhappy with the cheap and cliché reconciliation, and the sex thing has always made me uncomfortable: too soon after the reconciliation, sex as a birthday gift, and the " next year " comment. Can you be a Shamy and be happy with this episode? So my relationship with Shamy has changed. I don't ship them like before. The writers have totally ruined them for me, but because of all the good moments, and of their unique relationship, I'm still hoping that one day we see good and sweet Shamy moments - they were really few in S9 , the Aquarium scenes in the Platonic Permutation, and the tag scene in the Big Bear Precipitation, the rest was really meaningless and sometimes disappointing ( Amy's reaction when Sheldon tells her about his hoarding habit for example... ). And yet my expectations are very low.
  6. Personally, I don't have much to add to what has been said. The episode was OK+. The best part was with Beverley, with Penny in the car, then with the girls at 4B. The only thing I didn't like was " the revelation": It did sound OOC for Beverly to want to be invited. I quite liked Stuart's part, yes it was pathetic but it also was funny. I was OK with Shamy's reconciliation, Sheldon came to apologize in person while he could have waited for the film to end to do so, so it's fine. And like most of the posters, I thought the part with the " line-cutter" extremely boring and pointless. I felt like Leonard the entire time: stare at your shoes and pretend you don't know that lunatic who compares " the line etiquette " to Rosa Parks' civil rights fight. Oh really, what were the writers thinking? It's been It's been a moment I think the writin is terrible but this moments is one of the worst of the show. ( Sorry, can't edit my post, idk why.... )
  7. This episode is good surprise. No drama, and no out of the blue cliffhanger. After a horrible season, it's good to end on a positive note.
  8. It happens when Bernadette is telling about the conception of the baby. In my opinion it was an OK episode, nothing more. Drunk Sheldon is boring - as expected -, Bernie's story about how they made the baby is creepy, Sheldon's make up is so childish. I didn't recognize the boy's songs, I recognized the girls' song in spite of the awful singing. The only moments I laughed were Bernie and Howie's freaking out, and Sheldon's singing that strange song ( BTW what was it? ) which has nothing to do with Berbie's pregnancy but he looks so convinced.
  9. I liked the episode a lot. But I can't understand why so many people think there is a problem with breaking up with Emily. He has never been in love with her, and that's something you can't control. The best evidence is that the minute he met Claire, he immediately thought of dating her and was prevented from doing so by Howardette who constantly reminded him of his girlfriend. Now, OK, breaking up with her because of another girl is cowardly, and trying to get back to her because he has been rejected by Claire and is afraid of being alone on VD is even worse. But I've always had the impression he has never been in love with Emily and I really can't blame him for breaking up with a girl he wasn't feeling OK with. I hope that from now on, he's going to mature and finally meet a girl whom he really likes instead of immediately dating any kind of girl just because he doesn't want to be alone.
  10. +1 with Chiany, and it's strange that Kripke and Leslie got invited when everybody knows Sheldon can't stand them. And what's the point of having Leslie here, just to say " Happy birthday Dumbass "? The writers could have thought of something more, having a guest we haven't seen for 5 seasons now and she only gets 2 lines? And Beverly is invited, but not Mary... But yeah, it sounds like a nice episode, where everybody says a super cute thing to Sheldon and we have a super guest. But to me, it sounds more like a filler episode while I expected a milestone episode.
  11. There are so many possibilities even with yesterday's spoilers, I'll go with my two favorites. 1) Sheldon's having a nightmare: somebody ( Amy? Lenny ? ) has just thrown a surprise birthday party for him and everybody is making fun of him because of the Batman's balloons which make him look like a ten-year-old. Leads him to reconsider his lofe as a grown-up: let Leonard leave 4A, and even maybe asking Amy in. 2) Lenny throws him a Batman-themed birhtday party to rub him in the right way so that they can announce they're moving out. But unfortunately things turn badly: nobody knows how, but Kripke and Leslie show up and make fun of Sheldon. Beverly who was in LA for a conference of some sort decided to pay Sheldon a visit and arrives in the middle of the party, she ends up making fun of Leonard who gets emotional and finally tells the truth at the wrong moment.
  12. Since we are arguing about words, I should probably watch it again, but I'm pretty sure she didn't describe her husband as only stubborn, but also egotist ( and I wonder if there's not an adverb like " extremely egotist " ). The grandfather's description makes me think that Sheldon inherited his particular character from him. As for the marriage thing, I don't see your point. Whether Shamy are married or not doesn't make the comparison invalid. They're both long term couples.
  13. Of course she made up her mind before coming. You can't ask a family member to be impartial after something that hurtful. And Amy explained herself concerning the break up: he's so much to put up with. Not knowing that Sheldon's grandfather was like him, so her "excuse " was not valid to Meemaw.
  14. I liked the episode and I liked Meemaw. I can't see your problems with her, to me she acted normal and honestly. Of course she's worried for her little moonpie whom she treats like a defenseless child - but he's totally OK with the last part, isn't he? So no, Meemaw wasn't mean to Amy for free, she clearly said at the very beginning that she came to size her up and that's exactly what she did during the whole episode. If there was something I didn't like it rather was Amy almost begging for the engagement ring at the end.
  15. Jim kneeling next to Mayim? Could it be that they are rehearsing the you-know-what? No WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Maybe that means something huge is going to happen.
  17. Well, if you like it bette, if he has been drunk 5 or 6 times in the whole show, it's been 4 or 5 times too many.
  18. I don't mind Sheldon being " in front ", Sheldon is my most favourite character. I'm just bored with drunk Sheldon.
  19. A PERFECT episode. Nope, you'll never get that, satisfying everybody is just impossible. But just to give it a try at answering your questions: I know my wishes are never going to come true because you know, "drunk Sheldon is soooooooo funny". But, yes, first of all, I would like the writers to definitely stop with drunk Sheldon, as they stopped with that " bazinga " word which was less and less funny. Secondly, I'm not a fan of karaoke, I can't see what's so funny in it, except if the " singer " is terrible and you're making fun of him/her, but that's not funny, that's being mean. What would I have liked to see instead? I don't know... maybe going to a night club and dance. That sounds funnier to me. Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention, that " we did it in Sheldon's room" is so creepy, and "the one thing that leads to another " is such a poor excuse for something which is so yucky. I wish they cut that line when they make the episode, and of course cut Sheldon's reaction which is not funny but 100% justified.
  20. I didn't say " all the time ". I said: every X episode. And that's too much for my liking . Too easy and repetitive. And I may add they don't have a drunk Leonard or Howard as often. We may wonder why ( or not ). I don't like drunk Sheldon, I find it boring and even irritating. As veejay says, the same for Penny applies. Yeah, welcome in democracy where everybody is entitled to have their own opinion. Just because 99% of the members are happy with the story, I should as well? That's nonsense. And I can't see the " fun playful episode " and " good old comedy ". Well, I see the "bad old comedy" in having Sheldon drunk again, if you like it, fine, but I don't and I think it's fine all the same. As for the karaoke... well, I can't say it's bad, but I can't say I'm thrilled neither, they're just going to sing, right? So yes, it's just OK, nothing more. So sorry ( not sorry in fact ), I don't complain even if the sky is blue, the fact is that from my window the sky is white with clouds.
  21. Thanks for the info and the TR. I must say that I'm a little disappointed: I'm really fed up with drunk Sheldon. Seeing him drunk every X episodes becomes repetitive. The rest sounds fine. Not a great episode, but it's OK.
  22. ( 1 ) Never said she felt no pain. I said she felt some pain at the very beginning. She soon got over him. ( 2 ) Never said she wasn't allowed to date others. I was just stressing out that she couldn't be possibly hurt by the thought of Sheldon dating someone because she was just doing the same. Or else she's a hypocrite, "do as I say but not as I do". ( 3 ) I really doubt about it. ( 4 ) Yeah... Still in my opinion ( fair warning, if you're a Shamy with a weak heart, you should probably not read the following lines ) if she really wanted him back, she didn't try hard. She tried harder to make things work with Dave than find a way to get back with Sheldon. You're probably going to answer: yeah, but she didn't have to try anything because she was in her own right to break up. But at that very specific moment, she pretended she wanted to get back with him, so if that was the truth, sorry, she dropped the towel in a too short amount of time to be believable. At least Sheldon tried something, awkward, terrible and even cruel sometimes, but at least he tried.
  23. For the first two, I'm kind of OK ( not really 100% for the kitchen scene, but whatever. But for the stairs scene and the car scene: NO. She was hurt that he wasn't waiting for her to come back. Don't forget that just minutes before the stairs scene, she was considering dating other men, and gave it a thought before turning Kripke down. So yeah, hurt because her ego was hurt, nothing more. ( Shamies are going to hate me, yet I'm supposed to be a Shamy fan myself... but but... that break up... just telling, after the Star Wars episode I kind of binge watched the beginning of the season to see if knowing they get back together made it easier or more pleasant. No, I hate this story from beginning to end, I just can't help myself. ) And the " I'm ready to be your girlfriend again " YUCK. Is that a way of asking someone back? It sounds to me like she was pretty sure he would answer by the affirmative and when he didn't, it was a real shock. ( and once again, she was pretty quick phoning Dave back, no? ) As for the green part LOL She was already considering dating other guys BEFORE the stairs scene, if there wasn't that scene she would have done exactly the same, it just would have taken a little more time, that's all. But I have the feeling we're changing the topic here...
  24. @ Lionne: feel free to quote my post anywhere you want and answer it if you have one ready. As for me, I can't be on the side of those who think Sheldon deserved the break up, because he's always been as he is, he's never hidden his special ways, and yet, she has chosen to be with him. So being like he is is OK for a moment, but 5 years later, sorry, you need a big STOP sign here. Nonsense. If really so, why would she take him back in 9*09 with no condition? Could it only be because just the episode before, her date with Dave failed? ( yeah I know, naughty me, I'm being provocative again and I'm changing the topic again. Sorry. Difficult to talk of one side of the story without talking of the other. ) And in 9*10, I hope we agree that she could have said "no sorry", slam the door at his face and turn to Dave who was still on the couch, right? So what? If you're accepting to be with someone - moreover if it's someone you've known for 5 years- you accept him with his defaults, it's just too easy to say that you are his girlfriend but, well, he's too much to put up with. You chose it and no one forced you. Just assume your choice and stop being ambiguous. Anyway, even if Amy had every right to break up, it's not OK in a couple to make the other one suffer and ignoring it. That's unhealthy.
  25. The problem being that she pretended to be in love with him, and like brilliantfool said, you don't want to hurt someone you are in love with, and you feel sorry when you do it. Now I think the real question is: Does Amy really love Sheldon as she pretends or does she like being a part of a couple? Yeah, that's totally provocative, but after such a horrible moment, I see Sheldon being in love with Amy, but I can't say the contrary. Where are the evidence she's still in love with him? At least, if she apologized for the hurt she caused, that would be a sigh that she still cares instead of taking him for granted because you know, the poor guy, "I'm his best shot, and nobody else but me can put up with him " Yuck.
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