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  1. Just a heads up, The wedding scene that was filmed on taping night will not be the final cut, However it will be near the same to what was reported on taping reports. The take on taping night was take 3. It was done again for audience reactions only.
  2. She was fantastic.. She is truly unsinkable
  3. Sometimes. It's been known for people to arrive at 6am..
  4. I have been in the standby line as early as 7am and sometimes as late as 1pm. And I have never had an issue getting in. However, There has been occasions when no Standby got in due to an error with VIP ticket holders. I doubt that will happen again though. So really, it's up to you.
  5. Forgive me Luke, But I'm curious to know how you would have described it had you been reporting? From my TR: "Sheldon goes on to list that would pose a number of problems because they work together and more importantly, He is with Amy. As he finishes his sentence.. Roman leans in quickly and plants one on Sheldon's lips. Sheldon doesn't kiss her back. He just sits there Eyes open from shock. When it ended he is visibly emotionally compromised from what just happened. He just had a look of shock on his face. He stood up from his desk and said "excuse me" and left." What was different? How would you of described it as? Just curious
  6. Just to reinforce.. He does start to hold her and they make out. Sheldon stops kissing to ask about having sex, When she agrees they kiss again.
  7. Nothing mentioned at all.. It was just empty. We don't know why or how long. I think thats a fair comment. We have only heard of what happened with Leonard and nothing on screen.. He says he stopped it which to me seems he did the right thing in the end. He could of maybe been honest about it sooner however.. But i will agree that wasn't cheating.
  8. Honestly, It was just his normal voice. He was serious about it.
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