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  1. I need hugging and dancing and Amy's head cuddled into Sheldon's chest and slow moving and Sheldon's head resting on Amy's and I just died.
  2. Nope #cry Saying that, TVTickets.com has been having server issues the last few days.. I keep getting error messages when checking for dates :/ Hope it sorts by sale time!
  3. Guys, I seriously can't get a Shamy slow dance at Lenny's wedding out of my head... Help.
  4. All Raj said was that they hooked up. This is what was said at the taping: Penny: it wasn't a hook up! Emily: did you kiss? Penny: yes Emily: were you naked? Penny: yes, ok maybe it was a hook up...
  5. It's probably the actual pitch from Howard (well Mars rover). They acted out in the stairway at the taping.
  6. Let me just clear up. Raj told Emily.. He stated in the episode: "To be fair, I tell everyone"
  7. Back at work and seriously on a downer.. I wish I could be full time secret agent based in LA!
  8. I wish they would serve Beer at tapings.. Me, Michy, Monique and Dana were saying how amazing would it be if we attended a taping hammered... *dreams*
  9. I actually don't mind that pizza.. Its better then anything Ive had in the UK
  10. http://www.danpatrick.com is FUBAR for me.. THOSE GUNS THOUGH
  11. How did he remove his shirt? Did he tug it from the neck or did he do Sheldon's crossed arms way? I've always wondered if this was Jim's way of doing it or Sheldon's
  12. This has been pounding my head for a while.
  13. I suppose I am being greedy and I want to see more Honestly, I at least was hoping for an ILY with that.
  14. So another thing I was thinking on the plane.. (its a bloody long flight) Going back to the 'Anything Can Happen Recurrence'... They Physic said: "He should give himself to this relationship, Once he does all his other pursuits will come into focus. Personally and Professionally, Everything will fall into place, once you commit to her" So since then, Nothing has really changed with the Shamy.. Yet, his career is starting to fix, if not already fixed.
  15. NO NO, We need a proper intimate slow dance.. Hugging and dancing.. DEAD
  16. On the plane home.. All I could think about was Shamy at Lenny's wedding.. Like Slow dancing.. I picture it as Amy not expecting Sheldon to dance, But then he takes her hand and takes her to the dance floor to join Lenny after their wedding song.. I fell asleep with this thought and had awesome shamy dreams..
  17. Personally, I think he just tried to follow me home and ended up giving up around the NY point..
  18. Back in the UK. BUMBATS. I remembered this on the plane.. Howardette are saving to buy a house.
  19. They can be ok and nice at times.. But I get what you mean.
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