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  1. LOL I am like the only one who is completely chill right now?
  2. Seriously... In all honesty.. Right now I think we are are in a grey area.. We had coitus and the aftermath has been a bit 'after the honeymoon period'. I think right now, They are setting up for the next big storylines in regards to Shamy and Lenny. It's certainly leaning towards living arrangements (at a guess anyway). Personally.. I'm not as excited as I normally am, However I'm not upset by the current plots. While things are a little slow I'm taking a break and enjoying other fandoms. Like a detox I guess! I'm still following everything, But I'm not over involving if you will...
  3. It's possible there will be 2 bedrooms. They will just build the 1 set and re-dress it to make it looks like a second bedroom
  4. They are probably between scenes. I guess at that point they are just looking down.. Jim might be looking at his que cards
  5. Looks like my theory is wrong BUT IM SO OK WITH THAT... omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
  6. Fun Fact, Kate Micucci auditioned for the role of Amy.
  7. I have an idea for the cabin episode.. Lenny decide to go on vacation for a week (i.e. the Cabin) so they can spend some quality husband and wife time together. However they don't tell Sheldon until the night before. Reason being that it doesn't give Sheldon enough time to find a way to accompany them. When they do tell him, He is understanding and say's he can get amy to drive him around. Penny then suggests that he get Amy to come and stay with him for the week rather then making her drive home every night. Penny convinces Sheldon that it could be like a living together experiment. Because it it will eventually happen someday and Leonard will be leaving soon. Sheldon accepts the experiment. As for Howadette and Raj.. I have no idea.. But I guess a plot line about Babies and Emily.
  8. I was easting while watching this.. I stopped eating about 2 minuets in. I still haven't resumed 40 mins later... Right in the fucking feels.
  9. I'm sorry, But this is the biggest load of trollop ever. I have been attending tapings for the past 2 years. During which time she was a happy newly wed, right through to the divorce and hard times. And let me tell you something.. She is an OUTSTANDING actress. During hard times such a split or divorce. It's hard to focus and concentrate. And while you could tell that she wasn't in the best of moods between scenes (Respectfully acceptable given the circumstances), She was still able to deliver an incredible performance no matter what the scene. Kaley is one to nail her lines from the word go. She is a pleasure to watch and INCREDIBLY talented. And touching upon the news article.. Again.. BS. total BS. She brings a hell load of fun to that set. She seems to be so much happier recently, Having fun between scenes, Having some fun with the audience. She is no snob or diva. She's Kaley. So much respect for that girl. She has talent, She has balls, She has strength and she doesn't let anything bring her down.
  10. SonAmy is second hottest in my books.. Oh wait... Wrong fandom...
  11. I can promise you... A vast number of people find Lenny hotter then Shenny..
  12. I may start writing soon. Being I have nothing to do right now haha!
  13. It still had a purpose though, Which also involved many other characters. A pretty big one actually. What I'm trying to say is. Not even plot needs to be singular for it to be purposeful.
  14. This is slowly turing into Grey's Anatomy...
  15. Why is this conversation even happening? Every character has a purpose to the show and relating story either it be main or supporting. The show will change directions at times, and those characters involved will be apart of that change. Every character on BBT has been utilized to be needed for an event to happen. Yes it can happen other ways, But the journey it's taken so far has needed these characters. And they are all needed.
  16. But a supporting role serves a purpose no? She has had storylines away from Sheldon. But no one on the show has an individual storyline that doesn't involve another character. Where does this put Bernadette now she is pregnant?
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