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  1. So excited to know I'll be waking up to a new taping report tomorrow morning...and even better, to the FINALE taping report!!! I wish everyone who has the chance to attend the taping an awesome night with lots of Shamy goodness! And btw hello to all the German/Austrian shippers, didn't know there were so many of you! Ich selbst komme aus Kassel, Deutschland. Gut zu wissen dass es euch gibt And now I'm going to sit back and count the hours...
  2. Where I live, they just ended with the Hesitation Ramification, so that means I have to wait at least until August to see the SIK #1 happening! Not to speak of SIK #2! Damn those slow synchronizers...Well, at least Sheldon and Leonardo di Caprio share a voice actor, I guess I should be content with what I get Anyway, I would like to see Amy and Sheldon work together ( if that's scientifically possible, I don't know about that stuff lol). It would show them in new situations and would result in some really good scenes. Maybe quarrels leading to making out in the lab...? But I guess I'm going too far again....
  3. Okay finally I had a dream...but not Shamy unfortunately But it was a MaJim dream So apparently Jim and Mayim had an interview with my English teacher in a city I've never been to before lol And then I came along and we talked (don't know about what exactly) and then it got really weird and I was on something like an airship or old plane... I know this really doesn't make sense at all but I was so happy when I woke up Next one needs to be a Shamy
  4. Guys, reading through your posts is like from ''creepy horny suggestions over sex and butter'' to '' beautiful proposal scenes and crying hot tears of feels and joy'' Man, I SO love this thread
  5. Have you noticed how many new members the Shamy fandom got in the past few days/weeks? We spread the Shamy love all across the world! I'll have my 2 month anniversary of membership in 3 days, and I don't regret anything! I came here right before we knew about the SIK :girldance:I'm always happy to read every of your wonderful and intelligent posts and to know that others also feel the feels. The renewal is also AMAZING news! Maybe I'll get the chance to finally attend a taping when I'm 19 or 20, so in the 10th season. IT HAS TO HAPPEN Can't wait for everything that is ahead of us *initiates another group hug*
  6. Okay, just read the report and omg I need to think straight again. I guess this is one episode where everyone is enjoying themselves, without any big drama or anything. They just continue their lives and are HAPPY. The taping report also said that it was a very funny episode and the writers brought the comedy with such little, ordinary things like the butter. Fantastic. Then the Shamy thing: They like to be around each other, they touch, they kiss... This is so good! This is all we ever asked for! Can't wait to see Sheldons sexy smile *faints* And I love that they are sitting so close to each other at the store. BOTH are enjoying the intimacy! Hell, this taping report just made my day perfect. This show and fandom make me sooo happy! I had to smile all the way home. Also love that all the actors, especially Mayim and Jim, had such a good time on set. This may turn out to be the best episode so far.
  7. OMG this is perfect! And it sounds so real
  8. I just love it how we get excited over Jims forearm But you're right It's wonderful *off to take a cold shower*
  9. I don't believe they are going to 'make love' at the end of this season, too. I guess the writers are saving that for as far away as possible. I mean, look at the huge build-up the SIK had. But all this talking about sex is definitely leading somewhere. Maybe the next episode is settled when Sheldon comes back from Texas and talks to Amy about what he has seen his mother doing and what kind of impact this has on him. This could possibly lead to an honest conversation about where they stand in their relationship and where it is probably going. And maybe he even confesses to her that some day in the far future he might actually see an option for them to engage in coitus (okay maybe I'm going too far with this now but pleeeease let it happen). And to put my two cents in on the discussion about what the next kiss is going to be like, I so much crave for an SIK against the wall. IMAGINE THE PASSION When this ever is going to happen my ovaries might explode. All for the Shamy
  10. Omg Maddie this would be SO awesome! Every time we get to this topic I can't stop thinking about the scenario someone mentioned here before that everyone except Shamy is in the living room and we'll just hear Sheldon say ''Come on Amy we only did it 2 times!'' I don't know whose idea this was but I owe them my gratitude
  11. Wouldn't it be great if she actually lurks in this thread? Not very likely, but just in case... Hey Mayim! We love you!
  12. I already love this thread! The right place to satisfy my dirty mind- (pun intended) Omg what have you done to me
  13. I just imagined the scene after they had coitus (because they probably won't show it happen on-camera lol) and I see Amy lying in Sheldons bed with tousled hair and wide opened eyes staring at the ceiling and Sheldon next to her with a totally satisfied look on his face and completely calm. And Amy glances over at him and their eyes meet and they both start to smile happily.
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