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  1. I know it’s over but somehow it still does not seem real. Won’t really set in until fall...
  2. I thought it was surprising. More in the tone of it overall than in the plot. It covered a lot. Happy about the pregnancy. Happy to see the children. I do think it left us to believe their lives go on “almost” as before. i have to let this settle in a bit Adored the tribute to them on Young Sheldon
  3. I believe we are all going to be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Before the reality of the end settles in in the next few weeks I just wanted to say Thank You to all the members of this forum. You have made my favorite show even more enjoyable with all your observations and debates. As an earlier poster noted, The fun of those late nights, early mornings waiting for taping reports and the kindness of all of those whose shared their taping reports and visits to the set will be missed terribly. You were all so generous and amazing to share those special details with those of us unable to travel to them ourselves. I so appreciate your tireless efforts even when you were waiting all day in line and then writing reports for us even at the expense of sleep. Thank you also to the “keepers” of this forum. Your dedication does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Good health and love to all. Let’s enjoy the end whatever it may bring. ❤️
  5. We know they are pretaping 12-24. Is tonight the last official taping?
  6. The book is very good. Haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet...
  7. When I reread his last post I can interpret it as a good bye to Instagram. Sad for that...
  8. Love to all. The actors writers etc. it was a great run. Hoping for success for all in the future. Thank you all here as well you have made my favorite show ever even better[emoji177] Did anyone see sayers instagram story with the glasses in the sink. Do you think the writers were surprised as well? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I really feel Jim has been absent from Insta. Miss his posts. Sad to hear today’s news. I will miss them all. Hoping they find fulfillment and success continuing in their futures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you Notwonderland for the information. It is most appreciated. Here we are starting season 12 and I am as excited as I have ever been about our Shamy and our show!
  11. I would hate to see anyone leave and it continue. The most likely to leav3 first I believe would be Johnny and Jim therefore causing the rest to follow.
  12. Hi everyone, Popped in after seeing the “news”. I feel it will all hinge on the cast. So many of them have been preparing their careers to move on. —projects, production companies, etc. I certainly wish them all well. I agree with whomever said money is no longer the issue. They all seem to care for one another as friend along with being coworkers. I think if one has made the final decision not to continue, none of them will. JMO looking forward to season 12...
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