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  1. So I just rewatched 12-23 and 12-24 for the first time since it aired on May. I have decided I don’t like it. Rewatching it with some distance between the emotionality of the series ending and a bit of a mourning period. That is my conclusion. I don’t like it. A. Because it is the end and B.because I realize now they wasted most of season 12.  Yes story lines were tied up in little bows but I feel now that it was all rushed. Pregnancy story line definitely could have been flushed out better. Even the small bit about Amy’s makeover. 

    I LOVE the series but my conclusion about the conclusion is now just disappointment and meh🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Maybe you are all right  because it is because it hasn’t been that long. I would hate to think he “dislikes” Sheldon. I’m sure there is still the fear of typecasting or being “stuck” in that role forever. 

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  3. 12 hours ago, shell said:

    I got to watch about four of them--they're wonderful! Ryan is so sweet--just adorable. Love the cast they chose Well made I heard the book is good, too 

    The book is very good. Haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet...

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  4. Love to all. The actors writers etc. it was a great run. Hoping for success for all in the future.
    Thank you all here as well you have made my favorite show ever even better[emoji177]

    Did anyone see sayers instagram story with the glasses in the sink. Do you think the writers were surprised as well?

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  5. I really feel Jim has been absent from Insta. Miss his posts. Sad to hear today’s news. I will miss them all. Hoping they find fulfillment and success continuing in their futures.

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  6. Hi everyone,

    Popped in after seeing the “news”. I feel it will all hinge on the cast. So many of them have been preparing their careers to move on. —projects, production companies, etc.  I certainly wish them all well.  

    I agree with whomever said money is no longer the issue. They all seem to care for one another as friend along with being coworkers. I think if one has made the final decision not to continue, none of them will.  JMO

    looking forward to season 12...

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