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  1. Not to sound like s stalker but I miss news and photos about Jim! When he was on IG he was more connected. I respect his privacy but I miss him!
  2. I miss them happy. I miss them together.
  3. Love Mayim but that interview does not make me have hope for a Nov sweeps reconciliation. I too feel this will be all of season nine story. So sad for all of us.
  4. Can't see this resolved in November sweeps now. Oh boy. ...
  5. Cold open so NOT hot , like I said in season 9 thread kind of played out silly Glad it's over. The bra jokes were funny!
  6. Sorry. So NOT hot. Kind of played out silly. Glad it's over
  7. I miss kissy face Shamy. Enough with this break already. That is how I feel but I fear there is more angst to come.
  8. Always love your perspective and your posts Kazzie!!
  9. Will this be the first November sweeps episode?
  10. Definitely team Shamy! what do you guys think-does the breakup last all season 9?
  11. I just don't like that they have them broken up. It sucks period!
  12. It did leave the ring history a bit ambiguous. Did he ask for it or did she just send it to him in case. He did seem genuinely upset. Mayim was perfect her expressions were everything. We we can only go onward and hope all will be well. I have said it before though I don't think there will be a quick kiss and makeup here. We know at least 4 more eps anyway. Booooo
  13. I know it just seems wrong. All of it. Shamy fighting. The vows were cute but Lenny deserved a better wedding I just don't know. Seems like a different show. Maybe I need to digest it s bit.
  14. Played better than I thought all around. Still sad for Shamy
  15. I'm still holding on to a little hope. The next taping should be the beginning of the episodes to air during Nov sweeps. I will continue to hope until we know more about those 4 episodes. If no reconciliation. Then I will lose hope and mourn our Shamy.
  16. I really truly feel like all they have been through that there will be some happy conclusion to this break up. The writers have still hinted that he loves her and she did state even in her explanation to him of the break that she loves him. I do think that it will take most if not all of season 9 for resolution.
  17. Oh my I did not know. Hope it's not too serious. She was playing better.
  18. Does anyone else feel that Jim is in NYC this weekend. Genie plays today at the Open.
  19. I re watched 8-24 again. I know why was I torturing myself. Right. I have a new idea when Sheldon said I'm wrestling with a big commitment issue in reference to the Flash, it one seems to me that really was the issue ge was dealing with because he already settled (in his mind and heart anyway) his commitment to Amy.
  20. Beautiful and beautifully written ,
  21. Sorry I messed up posting the quote i can't wait until we return to happy Shamy either. I'm just afraid it is going to be a while. I'm trying not to be disappointed as each week passes but it's difficult
  22. I think when it happens it will be in Amy's apartment jmo
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