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  1. Enjoying the storyline also but I just don't want the resolution of the breakup to wait until the end of this season or heaven help us next season.
  2. Sorry, I'm acting like a big baby but I just want the break over. Wa wa wa. I miss them together !
  3. I love Mayim's interviews. I really hope the break does not last all season
  4. Will we still have chat if someone from here attends a filming? Any spoilers at all on here from members who attend? I'm unclear as to what all these events mean to us who respect and enjoy this forum.
  5. Totally agree. Let's enjoy our favorite show.
  6. Kazzie thank you for all of your posts and insights now and in the past. You should not in anyway feel any complicity with the haters. You were always clear on your purpose and we are all so grateful. You helped many people attend who may not have had a chance. Hopefully all this harassment will pass. I said in another post I respect all opinions. This is a forum and we have been free to express our concerns here but harassing TPTB and actors is unforgivable Thank you again! Safe travels!
  7. I love this forum. I respect and look forward to all opinions. The thought that others would spoil what we have hear is so sad. Under no circumstances should tbtb or actors be tagged. WTf
  8. What happened with tr. was there an issue. Sorry if I sound ignorant. Thank to all for info. Hope there were no problems
  9. Did Amy seem like sh is one done with him? Because last week the tr hinted that she was regretting being done. Or has his actions this week made it really the end?
  10. Thank you to those people who attended and for the info.
  11. Miss the daily pics from stage door :(
  12. Love love love all the discussion on here. You are all so eloquent. Here's hoping for a happier or at least positive taping report this evening!
  13. I do not like the word oscillation - back and forth. Nope do not like it.
  14. I just want them to navigate it together. Please please TPTB don't keep them hurting and apart for too long.
  15. Heartbroken for all. Sincerely hope the writers can pull this off and resolve these dramas in a TBBT way. All we can do is have hope and go forward.
  16. So excited for tomorrow. Sad to see summer go but hooray for new season!
  17. Like we have all said/ thought before, the big events are their cash cows. I too, feel as if the dragging out of these events may be cause for loss of interest ( mho). I too, would like to see progression in both relationships knowing that there is comedy galore hidden there! I am happy for season 9 to begin. Praying the rating do not continue downward. Waiting for Tuesday. All have a great weekend!
  18. I do not believe Lenny will marry in Vegas. Tptb will want that huge of an event for a sweeps episode. Same with any major Shamy events. Premier will be fun but I expect no big events to happen. I believe even though it is season 9 events will still move slowly. I just hope the rating hold because I would still like a season 11.
  19. I feel Jim has a larger part. I think the hooded figure may be him
  20. I think he will post for something promotional like someone else said earlier in thread. He has stopped liking any posts even from his friends. This tells me it's more that being exhausted ( which I'm sure he is) or busy. Maybe something just struck him the wrong way or was it that some of those followers were bothering his personal friends in some way. We probably will never know. I said it before - it was great to be invited into a little glimpse of his personal life but I believe that is all over for whatever reason.
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