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  1. I am not ready for this to end...
  2. Was there a tag scene. Wasn’t there one discussed in the taping reports? Did I miss it because I was crying? Or did they run out of time? Iim referring to BBT. Not YS.
  3. It was perfect. I know sometimes some feel the writers are not trying as hard as they once did but this was perfect.
  4. So excited for the WEDDING! Remember when we were waiting for a kiss. They have come so far! I have enjoyed their story sooooooo much.
  5. The dress well... but his reaction and that whole scene make it all so beautiful!
  6. When is the next taping? Thought there would have been a wonderful able read today...
  7. Sorry I meant additional season
  8. Does anyone think that the decision has been made (regarding an dictionary season or two) and they are just not disclosing it as of yet?
  9. Thank you @pegcarr for a wonderful taping report. Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a great time!!!
  10. I agree. Much too short! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I watched "Hollywood medium" with Jim on it last night. The reading was very short. I believe he usually goes to the persons home but it did not look like Jim' s from photos we have seen.
  12. I so hope for a grand wedding but... historically TBBT weddings have been small on scale. I am so excited to see her dress. Do you think the costumes have it already?
  13. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Where is it filming? For some reason I thought in the Carolinas.
  15. Great pictures. It appears you had a great time!!
  16. Thank you Tensor, for sharing so much with us. Amazing report. Happy you had a great evening!
  17. Was Jim attending themGolden Globes? His bestie Melissa must be visiting him. She posted in IG stories but always showing two glasses. Thought maybe she was visiting with Todd whilst Jim attended (like at Oscars last year)
  18. Hello all. I have not posted recently but have kept up on all the posts. LOVING our couple and the entire show this season. I too believe wedding will be part of the cliffhanger. Just popping in with that opinion. Luv you all ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Be safe. Sending good thoughts and prayers...
  20. Thank you so much for the info. The chat thread is a wonderful idea. I just woke up too late to participate !! Hooray season 11!
  21. Already highly anticipating taping news from Tuesday!!! Amy please say yes!!
  22. After being away for a bit but coming back to Comicon posts and your posts here I'm starting to getting super excited for the taping in only a few weeks now!!! So hope someone from here is going!! Amy please say yes!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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