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  1. This does sound like furthering the idea of changes in roommates...
  2. I think it will play better on screen.. Sometimes the reports read different than how it plays out on screen. (hoping)
  3. I read the report. I think they are fine. I don't read it as manipulation more like banter. I also do not think the SIK was placed in the middle of the season just to break them up a few short episodes later. It was placed where it was so it fell during the 150th episode. TPTB have indicated in the past that Shamy is endgame. All will be fine. There would be no story without a little drama.
  4. Thank you. Now we know what that means. Still an unusual title with the "for" She said it only freaked her out for a second. I am hoping it turns out to be positive.
  5. What is the title of this new episode?
  6. I think I am enjoying the older episodes even more now looking forward to next week!
  7. As difficult as the wait for next week is. I am hopeful that I will be happy with the results. I am enjoying the story as it is progressing. I am looking forward to the remainder of this season and the seasons (hoping) to come. Their story is adorable and unique. Totally love reading all of your insights!!!
  8. I think Shamy's relationship will move along faster now with upcoming events!! Shamy will be on a faster track than Lenny. I think end of series will be Leonard and Penny's smart and beautiful babies.
  9. I think Lenny will marry last. I think they will marry Sheldon and Amy before Penny and Leonard.
  10. I think the next kiss should be on the sofa. Sheldon in his spot and Amy in hers.
  11. Maybe this question has been asked and I did not see it but where did Amy's hands go when he kissed her? Thank you again to all the taping reporters!! What would we do with out you???
  12. Love, love, love the new TAG scene. So much potential!!!!
  13. I am new to this sight, but I love all the excitement that is here. I have been reading for several months. It is great to see that others are excited about this show and its characters! So anxious to see upcoming taping reports. So grateful to the individuals that go and report!
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