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  1. I'm late to the party but did I miss something about season 11? Any word or hint?
  2. Same for me. Love this forum!! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  3. Maybe this is the wrong thread but is anyone else getting nervous with no news about seasons after 10. I'm thrilled for Jim and Todd and all their upcoming projects but is that forebearing of bad news for the show. Love their old school selfie! Much love and continuing success in their future!
  4. I agree the hallway scene was so poignant. Jim and Mayim are incredible in their craft. Writers are so on their game!
  5. I noticed in the recent photos of next weeks eposodes that the photos that were always on Penny's refrigerator in 4 b are gone. It will be interesting to notice the set changes in upcoming episodes
  6. I believe they will stay in 4b. Don't you all think so?
  7. I really felt sad when he was in the hall between the two apartments but so glad he followed Amy in.
  8. Late to the party... is anyone going tonight? Is this the last of the sweeps episodes?
  9. Both so adorable. Todd has an amazing smile.
  10. Loved the episode. They were adorable hosts! I really really hope they stay on 4b and decorate it for themselves. I rather they stay there than go to Amy's old apartment. It is cozier.
  11. did they decide to stay in 4b then? Are they moving to Amy,s?
  12. This how I feel. Think I'm getting scared. Thank you so very much for the reports but it seems so fast all of a sudden. Is 10 the end?
  13. OMG sooooo cute I can't even express how happy makes me.!!!!
  14. Thank you so much in advance and most importantly enjoy every moment. So envious!!!
  15. Is there anyone from here going Tuesday that we know of?
  16. Hoping for good!!!!! Many thanks to all for the information you shared!
  17. It was amazing and so worth the wait. They are adorable and so perfect together. Season 10. Yeah!!!!!
  18. Do you all think the Variety story is a good sign for more seasons or not?
  19. I can only say this here, but so happy tomorrow is Monday because we get a new episode!
  20. Thought the guys were funny. The chemistry is still there.
  21. Not sure why this quote appears I am certain I clicked something I shouldn't have I was wondering if you all could recommend some Fluffy and Smutty Fanfic for our couple and where I can find it to read. Thank you ahead of time
  22. Thank you, Tensor for sharing your knowledge with us. We will wait to see where it all settles.
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