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  1. Funny episode. Leonard and Penny's sweet wedding was perfect.
  2. Happy premier night to all . Soooooo excited!
  3. I'm wondering if the experiment is put there as a way of beginning to tie the story lines up if indeed season 10 is the end.
  4. E asked her if ten years of BB was enough and although the audience was laughing she kind of said yes .?!
  5. Five more episodes takes us into November sweeps. Can't wait to see what the results of this experiment will be! Maybe something more permanent... (I know this is the wrong thread but Kaley's comments from Kimmel the other night still worries me.)
  6. Thank you for sharing @NotWonderland ! Great report. Happy you had a great time!
  7. Hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy!
  8. I have a thought that HowarDETTE's baby will be heard and not seen like Mrs Wolowitz was. I also doubt there there will be other babies until finale. Still think they will end series with smart and beautiful babies for Lenny. No Shamy babies. Think they will eventually get engaged but I'm not even sure we will see their wedding unless that too is in the finale. Just my thoughts and opinions.
  9. You said Amy and Penny were making the guys breakfast. Was it implied that Amy had stayed the night? Thank you thank you thank you for your reports !!!
  10. It really was a beautiful and amazing moment! Amazing drawing! here we go..... Season 10....!!!
  11. Is anyone going to this taping? Soooooo excited already!!
  12. Any hints st CC as to if ten will be the end or are they looking towards eleven?
  13. I truly still love the show its characters and the story. Jim and Mayim were wonderful in their arc this past season. It is a shame they weren't nominated. I also felt in earlier seasons Simon should he been nominated. As long as we still enjoy the show it shouldn't really matter. Question for you all- Do you think this Emmy "snub" will play a part in if we get season 11 or more?
  14. Love , love , love Todd's sunglasses! Plus they are adorable together!
  15. Hi Everyone! So excited that Season 10 thread is opened! Hers hoping for an exciting happy eventful season 10! So happy to share all with you!
  16. Beautiful post. I am sad for all of us.
  17. I saw a photo of Jim in NYC on Instagram. Will not repot here because it was taken by someone on the street. He was only walking Rufus. Not Otis. Hope nothing is wrong with Otis. It usually is the two puppies together.
  18. Stunning colors. The architecture is beautiful. Love the Always sign.
  19. Happy 1000 thank you all for making a great show even better with your insights and comments. So happy to belong here!
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