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  1. Sorry somehow I added onto your post instead of quoting. Sorry. Jedichic!
  2. I personally think they have been having sex and this is just another form of teasing by the writers as a ploy to keep everyone watching .
  3. Happy for no drama in either episode! A bit disappointed no Shamy engagement or "love" and I'm also happy no heavy drama for the Lennies, either.
  4. So difficult to believe here we are at the end of season 9. Where did this year go? It was a great one (mostly) for our favorite couple. Whatever happens going forward we know they will be together. Wishing great fun to all of the attendees tonite. Hope all story lines are happy ones!
  5. Maybe he is packing. I bet when he is done Tuesday he comes to NYC for a while!?
  6. Any speculation on this photo from Instagram. Sheldon knocking on his own door? Amy's purse hanging on the cart outside the door? It appears to be from rehearsal this week originally posted by a BBT staff member
  7. So hard to believe we are at the end of another season. I'm feeling no proposal this season. Not sure why, just s feeling. Heres hoping this hiatus will not be as difficult as last years! When the proposal happens I, too, hope it's as romantic as all hell! In their own Shamy way!
  8. I am loving the ambiguity in regards to their sex life. As long as they have them as adorable and loving as they were last night! No mention of them sharing a room. The writers are excellent at keeping uswaiting! I'll say it again Great Eposode!
  9. I adored them in tonight's TAG! Shamy deliciousness!
  10. Peace love and good health to you. You are in my prayers. Take care of yourself. Cathy xoxo
  11. I am uber excited for tonight's report for some reason!
  12. Hope he is not dumping Instagram!
  13. Not sure if this is the proper thread for this but I want to thank all of you people who share so much here. Be it taping reports, articles, news, video. It is so generous of all of you. The reporting from last nights paleyfest was amazing and it means so much to myself, and I'm sure others,who can't physically be there due to geography, commitments , or cost. Thank you all so very much!!!!
  14. Happy taping day! Difficult to comprehend that there are only 4 more after tonight for season 9!
  15. Does this episode taping Tuesday begin the May Sweeps episodes?
  16. I love the picture of Rufus. He is adorable!
  17. I find it very difficult to watch the repeats of the show that depict the beak up! Even when I know it turns out great. They make me sad!
  18. Thank you I forgot about Stephen Hawking.
  19. Do we know who the special guest star is? Did I miss something in the birthday tr?
  20. I personally think they'll go eleven but no more. Just loving the show and all the developments this year.
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