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  1. I am hoping that it goes the way you imagine wowbagger and it doesn't involve a cliffhanger with a job offer that includes relocation or something along the lines of that ...
  2. I really have to time the next episode someone said earlier there's more commercials than show. When you think about it it really feels that way lately.
  3. I've said this before and was wrong but after the recent events he may be truly done with his personal Instagram. Hope I am wrong, again.
  4. I know it's been said but my favorite is his apology in Vacation. Love that was he says Sorry.
  5. I, too, feel sorry about all that nonsense last night we know he is already somewhat disenchanted with social media. I also feel there was some incident with his friend Melissa's husband IG account. I don't follow either of them but I read something on here about reposting private pics. I would be extremely surprised if there is s post for Todds birthday. Jims posts have changed dramatically since he opened the account. We don't even get pics of the pups anymore. Surely it has to do with the insults and insensitivity of some of his so called fans and followers. Truly sad for those of us that are respectful and true fans.
  6. I think title is "the mee maw materialization"
  7. Since he hasn't posted I was wondering where Jim spent the holiday. .
  8. Even after several days I'm still in awe of this whole episode.
  9. So much to adore in this whole episode but one of my favorites is when he asks if she is cold and she says she's nervous when he asks "Why?" I just love how he says that like why would you be nervous with me. Love it!
  10. PERFECTION! The entire episode. PERFECTION!
  11. PERFECTION! The entire episode. PERFECTION!
  12. just noticed the monkeys on Amy'S end table!
  13. So busy right now but every time I come to this forum there are so many great posts. Getting so excited and it's still 6 days til make up!!!!
  14. Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all. One of the things on my list is this forum.
  15. I am not nearly as eloquent as most of you but I have been thinking (sometimes too much) about a few things 1. I am convinced when Sheldon was waiting for the date to show up and he kept saying up to the last minute someone would that he was sure it would be Amy. 2. Someone said earlier in this thread that Sheldon having coitus was an act of love. I truly believe it was but then it turned into an act of passion Than you for this thread and forum because I too know no one would would discuss this in such depth as is discussed her. I love every post and discussion!
  16. Mayim deserves an Emmy. Period. (So does Jim)
  17. Do we know when the episode of L IM with Jim will air?
  18. This is such a happy place now. Loving everyone's posts!!!! ps I wonder why they covered Amys room. Don't they usually dismantle those sets after show. Must be going to be used again soon?!
  19. Thank you to Kazie for all the info. So happy you saw it in person.
  20. Kazzie I am so very sorry that happened. We appreciate all you do for us. Speaking for myself I respect you wishes. Hope you re feeling well. Like another poster said please don't let that spoil your fun!
  21. Prayers that all in Paris are safe
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