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  1. I'm sure he did it before he knew. The comments regarding it we uncalled for. More important things than a fun picture he posted. Some people on there are just unbelievable
  2. Turned out I liked this episode although I had been dreading it there is no doubt that Sheldon was hoping it would turn out to be Amy.
  3. Are we assuming they had coitus? Sorry I'm late to the parade but I was unable to post. Thank you to Tripper and Tensor for your assistance !
  4. Kazzie, thank you for the wonderful news and for always being the super fan that you are. Hope all you troubles are small thank u
  5. I'm torn part of me is so hopeful reading your lovely positive posts. But I have a nagging feeling this break up goes to end oh season 9. Please convince otherwise. So sad ...
  6. Like many of you I wish this would end. Sheldon does seem broken but I'm uncertain as to why this next episode seems I guess light hearted and it's about them dating others!?!?!? Dying to see how it plays. Taping report Tuesday?
  7. He was entertaining as always but you could tell it was early!
  8. I'm fully expecting them to be apart romantically for the remainder of this season. If we get a surprise for the 200th then I will be happily surprised! Question for Monique --what was the reaction of the audience when he said the lets be friends line? Thank you for the awesome info again !
  9. Thank you to Monique for the awesome report!! So grateful for your bts info!
  10. I'm thinking they will not be back together romantically until next season. Another delay
  11. Hopeful but I don't care for "prepare yourselves"
  12. So happy with her post but trying not to get too excited!! Come on Tuesday night! I am scared can it possibly turn around so quickly ?
  13. Let's face it this break up was to stretch the story out period. They have another whole season. Maybe two. The writers themselves said at some panel that Shamy coitus has to be put off as long as possible. I know we are not only interested in that aspect of their story but the writers and tptb know that isotherm cash cow. I hate this story line. I hurt for the characters no matter how beautifully the actors are portraying it. Like many of you I started watching because of this couple. It hurts to see them apart. My opinion is that we are missing so much fun and happy and quirky times that could have been told they will be together in the end No doubt. Love the show. Love the characters. Just not enjoying this latest ride. JMHO:)
  14. I guess they would wishful thinking on my part.
  15. Maybe this is how the resolution of this break up will occur!
  16. Wondering if they (us) will ever be happy again. So need some real encouraging news. Enough already!
  17. Most of us hope this break is over soon. I hurt for both of them. The acting by both of them is truly amazing. Hoping for better news tonite. Not expecting it though. But hoping.
  18. I agree this episode was fun until the staircase then it tore my heart out.
  19. Does anyone else fear that after Sheldon see the kis the situation gets worse rather than starting to make things better?
  20. I love this show but so far this season I'm just sad. I had even found watching older shows with happy Shamy difficult to watch now. Please please let them reconcile soon!
  21. Seriously people is this break going to end in November sweeps or are we looking at May. I know none of us really knows but what's your gut feelings. I have s real life that is fine but I don't know why this break has devastated me! I need some encouragement. Maybe please!
  22. It already feels like a long two weeks and it's only the 9th
  23. I hate to keep wishing time away but I do wish it were the twentieth. Maybe we would have a better perse pevtive and maybe just maybe some.....Hope?! i love these two characheters together but unfortunately that is not the case right now. No matter whose at fault or whose the cause that is where we stand right now. All we can do is move forward and Steele ourselves for a long haul. Btw I enjoy reading so many of your posts. I've sId it before you are all so eloquent!
  24. I'm really afraid this continues all of season 9.
  25. It is sad to think that this season is one quarter taped and they are still apart. Oh what a waste ...
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