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  1. I think Amy was saying she had "almost given up" to encourage Raj to not give up.
  2. I've just read it for the 3rd time...... It's my current favorite!
  3. I understand. My boyfriend is unspoiled and even though I'm dying to discuss everything... I'm not cruel enough to ruin it for him. Same situation with my officemates. Welcome to the party!!
  4. I would totally melt if they did something like this!!! (To TPTB, the idea is yours for free, if you want it!) :D
  5. After the most recent revelation with his mom, I want the following to happen: Shamy are in 4a... And for whatever reason, once they're alone, Amy decides to leave. She walks to the door, Sheldon on her heels to prevent her leaving (preferably the "pushing the door closed" scenario posted earlier). "No, please stay." She turns to face him, and he shyly asks her "could we cuddle for a little bit?" Amy agrees. Sheldon leads her to his spot... And they cuddle (much more comfortably than last time...) maybe they talk about his trip... Or not. Either way... Something leads to a kiss, more cuddling ... More kissing........ Into the commercial break. The ending tag: both asleep on the couch, fully snuggled, mostly (if not fully) clothed. Lenny quietly returns to the apartment ... Penny quietly grabs a blanket and covers the couple.... Waking Amy slightly.. Penny puts a finger up to her lips in a silent "shhh!" Amy snuggles back in and goes to sleep with a smile. End of scene.
  6. 33?!?!?! Oh my!!! That's the age that my very shy physicist boyfriend was .... um.... "deflowered!" That was 16 years ago, this month.... And we're still together! :D How old is Amy supposed to be? (If 30, I'll trip out again!) And sorry about the TMI! It's just funny that their relationship seems to loosely parallel our past. (Well... No relationship agreement).
  7. BAM! COITUS! (Sorry... I had to do it)! :D
  8. True.... AND, even weirder.... Men can, and DO, too. Seriously. They have all the tools. It is usually helpful for them to take the hormone... Which I need to look up.... Oxytocin (and I think also prolactin).
  9. I'm in NC, 71 yesterday, gonna be in the 20s tonight. It's sleeting right now. Crazy weather!
  10. Some of my friends like to say "the man is the head of the household, but the woman is the neck... So she controls the direction..."
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