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  1. BRILLIANT SOUTH KOREA! That's what the World Cup is all about! A win for the ages for the mighty South Korea and their fantastic captain Heung-Min Son! Germany didn't deserve to go through, such a poor team- the worst German team ever, according to most pundits. It's the first time they've been knocked out of the World Cup in the group stages- and they've been at every single one all the back to 1938! Incredible stuff!
  2. I'm going for France. They have the best squad by far in my opinion, including the imperiously brilliant Antoine Griezmann, don't seem to have any discernible weaknesses and performed very well in the 2016 European Championships, getting to the final and just being edged out by Portugal. I think Portugal could yet go far in this World Cup too, and Spain are also live contenders. I personally believe the two bookmakers' favourites for the competition, Brazil and Germany, are both a little overrated.
  3. Not really true- he sustained a bad knee injury at the end of the 2016/17 season but then recovered so quickly from it that scientists have asked to inspect his knee for medical research! Hardly 'struggling'! Story here: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/manchester-united-news-zlatan-ibrahimovic-transfer-injury-mino-raiola-a7722311.html
  4. Let the speculation begin! Why has TBBT dropped so low this week?
  5. A Sheldon VS Leonard battle of wits never fails to disappoint, and ten years down the line, they're still funny. I thought this plot was very well written and the arguments over possessions allowed the show to bring back many a running gag- the apartment flag, the sword, the Amy & Penny picture etc etc. The toga flag scene was priceless ("Easy peasy oh so breezy" ). The resolution was a bit forced and rushed but it didn't ruin the plot for me. We always knew that Leonard and Sheldon were going to make up and this was just a quick way of doing it. The Raj/Howard/Bernadette/Stuart B-Plot was actually even funnier than the A-Plot in my opinion. I laughed out loud several times at Raj and Stuart's arguments over the Chinese takeout, the giraffe VS zebra mobiles and the hilarious repartee between the two over dinner. Some brilliant scenes. Best Line: Sheldon: "'All right, I tried.' That should be the title of your autobiography". Performance of the Week: Kunal Nayyer. Score: 8/10
  6. You could tell that after about 70 minutes in the Bayern game, Ozil had just given up. He's always touted as this amazing playmaker but as you say, he never turns up for Arsenal when it really matters. I think it's a mystery why none of Walcott, Giroud and Welbeck got a run out. Maybe Wenger was saving them for the FA Cup game at Sutton United I don't think Sanchez and Giroud work well together. Giroud is much better as an impact sub who, when deployed effectively, is a real Plan B option for Arsenal in games where their system isn't working. Giroud should be their go-to player when they can't break down teams. Welbeck is a better choice for a starting striker if Arsenal want to play Sanchez out on the wing. The trouble with Arsenal is that although they have very good players, they have no strategy in games. They start with virtually the same formation, players and strategy against Hull as they do against Bayern Munich. And when the team you are facing has better players (as Bayern do), they are going to punish you. Bayern weren't at their very best on Wednesday night but still won very convincingly because they had a better strategy and Arsenal were so poor. And I think that will annoy Arsenal fans because they know that an Arsenal side which was better organised and more tactically astute could have done a job over Bayern Munich. Sad that only one Arsenal player even went over to talk to the away fans and thank them for making the journey to Germany after the final whistle... But at least Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain shows he's a decent bloke with a genuine respect for the supporters.
  7. Who have you heard say that? All I've heard since the vote is bitter Remainers moaning that the referendum didn't go the way they wanted it to. Each person had their own individual vote. Therefore it was "persons" (as you describe them) rather than the "people" who decided this referendum. We've had three months of crap from Remain politicians who have consistently lied to us all about what would happen in Brexit. Those people haven't "signed up to repeat the vote" they have signed a petition calling for the law to be changed in the future. A petition which is meaningless, bitter and just shows what sore losers the Remain campaigners are. Your quote is utter nonsense. The signers on that petition didn't do so "because they didn't realise they vote would have an impact". You have just made that up. You would make a good Remain-leaning politician with the lies you churn out! Your German friend will of course be allowed to continue working here. No Leave politicians have ever said that any legal EU nationals working in Britain will be deported. It can't and won't happen and it's something the Remain campaign have made up to try to demonize the Leave campaign. You've just got to face it- democracy has happened, the electorate has voted on what they think is best for the country. The Remain campaign attempted to scare people and it failed miserably. As Nigel Farage said "The EU is failing, the EU is dying, and this is our Independence Day". Are you suggesting that the entire country of the UK should think again because a few Swedes are wrongly concerned about something? I'm not sure how it can be proven that British people see Swedes as secondary to them. I think Brits have had enough of uncontrolled mass migration to the tune of 500,000 extra immigrants per year coming into the country. Finally the UK has taken back control of its borders. Swedish media can peddle whatever narrative they choose but I think a lot of immigrants are worried because Britain is not going to allow people to just come and go as they please anymore. The UK has had enough of being used and abused by the rest of the European Union. Means nothing. Parliament only have to consider it for a debate, not actually have one, and a debate means nothing anyway because it's only a debate, rather than an actual vote. The electorate has spoken loud and clear and made its decision. Nope! Disgruntled Remainers moaning about the result will get laughed out of Parliament. Sore losers. I think most people can tell that there will definitely not be a second vote on this. There can only be a second vote if the situation substantially changes, which it hasn't. Why should we have a second vote? Because it didn't go the way some people wanted? David Cameron said during the campaign that he would invoke Article 50 and get Britain out of the EU if that was the way that the public voted. He didn't. Liar. George Osborne said that he would have to bring about an "emergency Brexit budget" if Britain voted to Leave, including "cuts to education, healthcare and the armed forces". It hasn't happened. Liar. These are the sort of politicians who campaigned for Remain. This campaign came down to a very fundamental issue- do British people believe in Britain? Thankfully, the majority of people do! Ah, playing the "xenophobic" card. A poll out today showed that the most important issue for the majority of Leave voters was "the right for Britain to make its own laws" rather than immigration. Calling Leave voters xenophobes is like calling Martin Luther King a racist. Both have fought for freedom and control of their own destinies. And both succeeded in their cause. The way in which Remain voters have reacted to their loss just shows what sort of people voted Remain. They can't accept that they've lost and so instead want to blame other people for voting a different way to them. Have some dignity. Want some "blatant lies"? David Cameron said that there would be "World War Three" in the event of a Brexit. Hasn't happened. He also said he would "stay on as Prime Minister whatever the result" and yet he resigned on the day that he lost. Those are blatant lies. I'm not saying the Brexit campaign didn't lie on a few occasions but the relentless scaremongering and lies which the Remain campaign told in their failed attempt to panic the British electorate into voting Remain just showed what sort of people they are. Farage didn't lie. It was a Vote Leave campaign slogan which promised all the money would be rediverted into the NHS, not anything Farage said. Here is some truths which are also in the news: 1) The UK will now be able to control its borders. 2) The UK will now have control over ALL its laws. 3) The UK economy will be better off and there will be more money in the government's kitty to improve public services. A heat map of where the signers of this petition were coming from showed that it was mostly student hotspots. These are people probably voting for the first time who don't understand democracy and don't know what it is like to lose and have their arguments rejected by the majority of the voters. The UK Government has just removed 77,000 fraudulent signatures and is investigating the petition. Most of the signatures are coming from student populated areas. It won't change anything- the electorate has spoken and these people need to accept what has happened.
  8. If Germany left the EU then there probably would be no EU, so your referendum wouldn't just be on Germany's future in the EU, it would be whether to have the EU or not at all. Personally, I'm ecstatic about the result. It's a great day for Britain and a new dawn for our country. Plus our hated Prime Minister has resigned! It's the best day in British politics for decades.
  9. Seems to have gone a bit dead on this thread!
  10. Any thoughts, Tonstar? Have you done a match report? I thought England were pretty atrocious. But we're through and that's the main thing. Roy Hodgson's position as England coach looking increasing precarious as this tournament progresses.
  11. Maybe not! That's the trouble with doing match reports as you go I suppose! Ronaldo had an absolute shocker tonight. Worst game he's had in years. He had a number of chances- not half-chances, but real, clear-cut, scoreable chances- and he messed up the lot of them. The penalty miss was the most notable lowlight of a terrible evening for Cristiano. Doesn't make Zlatan look so bad now, does it? I don't think that's ignorance or arrogance to want to take your own aww penalty kick. Many players have bad runs where they don't score penalties but when you look at the players Portugal had on the field and who was most likely to score that penalty, Ronaldo would have been your man (not to mention that he won the penalty for himself). And I didn't see Nani or Pepe or anyone else go up to Ronaldo and offer to take the penalty kick. If Ronaldo, as the captain, winner of the penalty kick in question, Portugal's leading goal scorer, most capped player and designated penalty taker decided to delegate the penalty to Nani, then there would have been an absolute uproar from people saying that Ronaldo was a coward and should have taken it himself.
  12. The Daily Star reports that after scoring the winning goal against Wales, England striker Daniel Sturridge has displaced Harry Kane and will now start as England's first choice striker. This news also reported by The Guardian, which also has pictures of the violence between Croatia fans yesterday.
  13. A lot of the pundits were suggesting that Spain only really got out of second gear in that game for about 10 to 15 minutes, but that it was more than enough to destroy Turkey, and they said that most of the big teams in this tournament would struggle against Spain if they could keep that level up for the full 90 minutes, as they have done in 2008 and 2012. We saw flashes of a great Spain team yesterday.
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