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  1. Let the speculation begin! Why has TBBT dropped so low this week?
  2. A Sheldon VS Leonard battle of wits never fails to disappoint, and ten years down the line, they're still funny. I thought this plot was very well written and the arguments over possessions allowed the show to bring back many a running gag- the apartment flag, the sword, the Amy & Penny picture etc etc. The toga flag scene was priceless ("Easy peasy oh so breezy" ). The resolution was a bit forced and rushed but it didn't ruin the plot for me. We always knew that Leonard and Sheldon were going to make up and this was just a quick way of doing it. The Raj/Howard/Bernadette/Stuart B-Plot was actually even funnier than the A-Plot in my opinion. I laughed out loud several times at Raj and Stuart's arguments over the Chinese takeout, the giraffe VS zebra mobiles and the hilarious repartee between the two over dinner. Some brilliant scenes. Best Line: Sheldon: "'All right, I tried.' That should be the title of your autobiography". Performance of the Week: Kunal Nayyer. Score: 8/10
  3. I agree here djsurrey. I can't understand why people would suggest a "triangular relationship" to be a right-angled triangle. The whole point of a "triangular relationship" is that it's three people involved in the relationship equally- therefore all the sides and angles of the triangle used to represent it are equal. Try telling that to Chuck Lorre!
  4. If it has a hypotenuse, then it must be a right angled triangle. Surely Leonard should be the shortest side then, not the base!
  5. Kunal Nayyer will appear as a guest on UK Comedy Chat Show "The Last Leg" on Friday, 10pm UK time on Channel 4. For those who haven't heard of it, The Last Leg is a LIVE comedy programme hosted by the Australian stand-up comic Adam Hills and featuring English comedians Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker as co-hosts. It's in it's eighth season currently. Generally, the presenters talk about a number of major news stories and make jokes about them for the first half hour, which sometimes involve pre-recorded skits or live sketches. I suppose the nearest thing the US have to it is Saturday Night Live, but it is different to that in the fact that there is a regular host. In the second half hour, the guest (in this case, Kunal) is brought on and they have an extended chat with Hills, whilst Widdecombe often ridicules them to comic effect (all light-hearted mockery though, unless it's a politician who is the guess!). Any ideas whether Kunal is in the UK to promote something? And I wonder how he will do in a live interview in front of a studio audience?
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed here before but there are some advertisements/commercials airing for Intel computers at the moment featuring Jim Parsons. Any ideas whether he's playing Sheldon or just starring as himself?
  7. Perhaps her co-stars can afford to be more selective with their work, or only appear in movies and productions which they believe will benefit their career rather than lower their reputation as respected actors. Just because Kaley may be inclined to take any job she is offered doesn't make her a better actress. Films such as Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, Hop and The Wedding Ringer aren't exactly Oscar worthy stuff, are they?
  8. Is there any discussion actually going on here or has this thread turned into a cringey meme/GIF parade?
  9. It does show that many people don't rate Kaley as an actress, especially after her Golden Raspberry Award for 2 separate films. She is good in TBBT which is a role she is used to and is written for her, but when it comes to other films she hasn't had much success.
  10. You keep wittering on about "comic timing" and someone being a "technically" better actor than someone else, but it's all very vague and nondescript. Can you please define the terms you are using?
  11. You have said that I have "made a lot of wild presumptions" but you don't specify what any of these are. Is this because I haven't made one "presumption" in my response to your post, and simply expressed an opinion contrary to your own? I really don't see what the prolificness of my posting has to do with anything. Just because I have posted less than you have doesn't make my opinion any less valid than yours. You say in your second paragraph that "saying Johnny isn't the best actor on the show is personal opinion". That is exactly why I prefaced my comment with "I believe", which indicates that it was a personal opinion. Meanwhile, you have said that "Kayley is the best comedic actress on TV in terms of timing because she is". That is a personal opinion, is it not? Is there not some hypocrisy or at least some irony there? I have made perfectly clear that all my personal opinions are just that- my opinions. You meanwhile continue to assert your opinions and ideas as facts, which they are not. You cannot prove or say with any certainty that Kaley Cuoco is "the best comedic actress on TV in terms of timing". There is no way of definitively saying that Kaley is any better at comic timing than Julie Bowen, Patricia Heaton or Anna Faris. Therefore, it is your personal opinion, not the fact which you claim it to be. I'm not really sure what you're talking about when you refer to New Zealand and Modern Family, you seem to have misunderstood what I've said so I'm not going to respond to that part of your post. Nothing I said in my post was a "presumption" as you claim it to be. Whether you have seen Modern Family, The Middle, or Mom is irrelevant really; my point is that you can't prove that Kaley Cuoco has better comic timing than any of the lead actresses in those shows. Kaley may well have remembered complicated scientific dialogue for one week 6 years ago, but Jim Parsons learns far more challenging terminology as part of his dialogue in every episode, week in, week out. Seeing as you seem intent upon "following my logic", my logic (as I already stated in my post) is that Jim Parsons has a much more difficult character to play, both in the difficult dialogue he learns and the complexity of the character which he has to play. Sheldon is far more complex a character than Penny, therefore I would say that Jim Parsons has a more difficult acting job than Kaley Cuoco and deserves greater recognition as a result. You say that "I didn't open the thread for you to take wild assumptions of my views". I haven't made a single assumption and based on the question you asked in your thread title, you clearly opened the thread to invite other people's views and discussion regarding which members of the TBBT cast different members believe should get Emmys. Why then are you so aggressive when someone expresses a view contrary to your own? With regards to Johnny Galeki having to remember scientific dialogue, of course he has to remember some, but Sheldon has a different manner of speaking to Leonard and uses scientific dialogue far more in his everyday language than Leonard. As a result, I believe Jim Parsons has had to learn far more scientific dialogue for his role over the course of the series than Johnny Galeki has for his. You claim that "the industry agrees with you"; why then, has Jim Parsons won 4 Outstanding Lead Actor Emmys for his TBBT role whilst Johnny Galeki hasn't won any?
  12. If any super-fan of this show had their way, every actor/actress on the show would win every award. But the fact is that people are comparing the actors to each other, saying "Simon is the best" etc, rather than comparing them to actors on other shows. The cast members aren't against each other for the Emmys, they're against all of the other shows. Unless you've seen most of the network television (plus Netflix and Amazon Prime) comedy output I think it's difficult to assert that any of the TBBT cast 'should' get an Emmy. As a fan of TBBT, I personally would like Kunal Nayyer and Simon Helberg to win Emmys because I think their performances have been outstanding and worthy of that kind of recognition. However, Eric Stonestreet (to name just one example) is probably a better supporting actor with better comedic timing and performances than those two, and I am sure there are many more actors in many more shows I haven't even heard of who have produced superior performances this year and deserve to get nominated more than Nayyer and Helberg. 3ku11, you say that "Kaley makes it look like she is not actually acting". Isn't that the point of acting? If there are any actors on prime-time network shows who look like they are "acting" and not playing an actual character, then they shouldn't be anywhere near this level. The whole point of TBBT is that it's meant to be realistic. The subject of Johnny Galeki and the Emmys comes up often. I don't believe he deserves "Best Lead actor in a Comedy Series" because he isn't even the best lead actor in his own show, never mind the rest of them! I'm not sure what you mean about "damn politics". Are you trying to blame TBBT's lack of success at the Emmy's on some kind of conspiracy? I agree Chainy. Jim and Simon are the standout actors for me and whilst the rest of the cast are fantastic, they're not outstanding enough to be nominated at this present time. You make a number of quite wild assertions here. You say that "no one comes near [Kaley] in terms of comedic timing". How do you know that? What about Julie Bowen, or Patricia Heaton, or Anna Faris? All fantastic actresses, and arguably just as good if not better at comic timing than Kaley. You also say that "technically, Kaley is just as good an actor as Mayim or Jim". What do you mean by that? Jim Parsons has won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series 4 times. Are you saying Kaley should have won it that many times also? Or in terms of technique, it would be hard to argue that Jim isn't the best actor on the series, given the difficult scientific terminology he has to memorize as part of his lines and the character with so many different aspects to his personality that he has to act. Kaley, by contrast, has a relatively easy character to act. Yes, she wins PCAS, but who is voting them? The fans. And TBBT has the highest viewer numbers so it's likely to have the most fans. Just because TBBT is the most watched comedy doesn't make Kaley the best actress on TV. I believe Kaley is a very good actress but I don't think that just because she has won some fan voted awards she deserves an Emmy.
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