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  1. I accept PayPal, Western Union, and checks [emoji16]. Well, at least I think I was the first to comment the title on his picture...idk haha.
  2. Yup! She made a rendition of it as well. Just listened to the Russell original, and his piano is brilliant. So I'm just going to tell myself that that's the one he plays to Todd...or to me...
  3. "A Song For You" by Leon Russell. I'm mostly familiar with the Michael Buble version, but Russell did the original (I think). A ton a artists have remade it. The lyrics truly make sense for any performing artist (musicians, actors, or otherwise). Beautiful song
  4. Awww I love this song. And now I'm picturing him singing and playing it on piano...ok...I'm dead.
  5. I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon...follow me y'all! http://instagram.com/sarah_purpura# Oh, and hello to any real life friends with whom I have unknowingly conversed. Let's just pretend this is like happening upon each other in the drunk tank at a police station at 2 a.m. No one needs to know...
  6. Ok so I'm a super creeper, and one of the friends Jim follows has quite a few pictures pertaining to him from a while back. Should I post them, or do y'all think that's an invasion of privacy?
  7. So I thought that Jim just having an instagram would make my day...but then I snooped around, and out of the 19 people he follows, Mayim is one of them! Love it. I'm a dork, I know.
  8. Ok good, glad to know I'm not the only one thinking that! Wonder if it's intentional? Loving all this Jim madness. He's irresistible...
  9. Took Mayim's advice and made my mom that chocolate peanut butter pie (and of course, accompanied by flowers and a card). It's sooo good! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there
  10. I'm not sure how the ratings work, or if dvr recordings are included or not...but this past Thursday was the NFL draft (same time as tbbt). I definitely watched the draft (go Jags!), and then watched the recording of tbbt later. I'm going to guess I was not alone?
  11. Oh I never meant to imply any jealousy, or that Amy is in some sort of "binding" relationship. I was just saying that I thought of a few possibilities regarding how that portion of the RelAg was put in place. It could be that it was there from the start. Because it is social convention. That's how exclusive relationships work. Or added for those same reasons, once they began to hold hands, etc. Ok. So we have that out of the way. "Social convention dictates..." but why? Why would someone in a relationship only want their significant other physical with them? Because you know you only want to b
  12. The "slick" comment seemed to come out of fear almost. His response to Raj was also very quick regarding Amy's contractual obligations to him. Too quick. I'm not so sure when they added that caveat to the agreement, but I have a feeling that it was either once added as a social convention, or it was added later for other (emotional? possessive?) reasons...either way, now he realizes the "pressure," and understands that a truly physical relationship with Amy has to happen at some point or he will lose her...and he's shaking in his boots. All of these little seeds are leading up to what happens
  13. I've been thinking about a scenario for after the dust settles and Sheldon fixes things with Amy (or at least I hope he does): What if Sheldon goes back to string theory, and happily, not just because the university forces him to? I think it could be used as growth for Sheldon, especially if he acknowledges that because of doing so, a Nobel is out of the question. But also that he doesn't care, because his love for string theory is enough. For so long, he has had his eyes on the prize, and maybe needs to see to that his love for unraveling all there is to know about the universe should be wh
  14. Part of me believes that he took Penny's advice because deep down, he didn't really want an answer. Sheldon's always putting things off...buying time. She gave the response that he wanted to hear, simple as that.
  15. Ok so I just paid my seat deposit at UCLA Law...so unless something changes within the next few months, I should be in a position where I'll be able to write some taping reports in the future! Most likely not next season because I am told that I will be spending the majority of my time in the library...but I hear things calm down after the first year. So count me in for s9 and s10! Now on to the task of finding a place to live near campus that allows big dogs...what a joke [emoji23]
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