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  1. Hi, I'm still around...ish. Planning on going spoiler-free again all season. Will possibly pop in from time to time if a particular scene, episode, etc. generates a big enough reaction out of me that I feel the need to have a proper fangirl freak out, haha. That being said, after watching the season eight finale, I personally don't have such high expectations going into season nine. I'm sure, in time, after the dust settles, Sheldon and Amy's relationship will be okay, if not better than it's been, but I'm not holding my breath. We'll see how the season, particularly the premiere, unfolds. I will admit, though, that I do have one hope for this upcoming season, which is that it will be the one where Sheldon and Amy finally... You know... (I mean, after all, this season will feature the 200th episode of the series, a major milestone indeed, and they'll certainly want to go into it with a big bang, am I right? Wink wink. Haha.) That's all from me for now.
  2. That's what I'm hoping for in the season 8 finale as well, an epic move-in proposal from Sheldon: "Amy Farrah Fowler, will you move in with me?" Wishful thinking, maybe. I don't know. It's hard to say if they're going to have a milestone like that for the season finale since their relationship is still moving at a snail's pace (or turtle's pace, haha), and they already had the big ILY moment this season. They tend to have one big moment per season (i.e. last season, the big moment was the forever epic and still my favorite Shamy moment, the SIK, or in season 6, the big moment was, in my opinion, the D&D sex, another fantastic Shamy scene). Regardless, it's fun to speculate. We'll find out soon enough.
  3. The platonic sleepover was definitely a wonderful milestone for the Shamy, but I was admittedly disappointed that we didn't actually get to see anything related to the sleepover itself, other than Amy having her overnight amenities ready to go (haha). I personally would've at least liked to have seen a tag scene with the two of them saying goodnight to each other, or even waking up the following morning or something. Oh well. It was still adorbs, though. On another note, we're all still waiting for that make out session... Come on, TBBT writers, you teases!
  4. Nice! Me too haha. That train SIK is still my favorite Shamy moment to date. Although, hopefully, we'll get something new soon that will surpass it. We are, after all, in the second half of the season now, and that's when big moves start happening. Maybe Sheldon asking Amy to move in with him in the season finale? Can you imagine? Oh, the possibilities...
  5. "One...two...three...click!" What a fantastic Shelnard episode tonight. I loved seeing the two of them work together as a team. The little banter thing they did was so cute. And Sheldon giving Leonard a sticker was hilarious. Honestly though Iiked that they were equal. It was a great episode.
  6. Popping into the thread since I haven't posted in a while... I see you're all talking about Shamy sexy times. Good stuff lmao. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an on-screen make out session this season. Here's hoping! Haha. Anyway, I'm still spoiler free and, as always, extremely excited to see what'll happen next for our beloved Shamy.
  7. I definitely found that moment to be a big deal. As an unspoiled fan now, when Amy said that, I just thought to myself, "Wow." It honestly blew me away. The fact that she said it in front of everyone was what made it particularly profound to me. And don't even get me started on the smitten Sheldon listing off the things he loves about Amy and how he easily admitted to Bernadette that he loves her. The gift exchange was incredibly sweet too. Bursting with Shamy feels over here. And I'm also still really hoping for a hot make out session this season. Edit: Oh, and when Sheldon said Amy kissed her in public under the mistletoe, forget it, my jaw dropped. Damn those teasing writers with these off screen kisses!
  8. Ooh, fun. Let me get in on this. Some of my Shamy moments: Season 3: Sheldon and Amy walk up to the counter together. Season 4: Amy asking Sheldon if he's suppressing jealousy. (Runner up: Their first kiss.) Season 5: The cuddle session on Amy's couch. (Runner up: Sheldon taking Amy's hand.) Season 6: Sheldon naming Amy as his emergency contact. (Runner up: D&D love spell.) Season 7: The train kiss. Forever and always. (Runner up: "Congratulations, Dr. Fowler. You just made it into the fort.") Season 8: TBD And favorite Shamy moments with only one of them present: Season 3: "Her name is Amy Farrah Fowler." Season 4: "Forget science. She's horny." Season 5: "Of course he is. She's very interesting." Season 6: Amy's four-year plan to marry Sheldon. Season 7: "He is SO into me!" Season 8: Sheldon admitting that Amy is a distraction.
  9. What I had thought was going to happen was that Sheldon was going to feel pressured to sleep with Amy for the sake of following through with traditional after-prom activities. I imagined a scene with the two of them all dressed up, sitting on his bed, and Sheldon is clearly nervous, but he leans in and kisses Amy. Then, after just a few seconds, he breaks the kiss and starts freaking out, and Amy calms him down by telling him that it's okay that he's not ready yet and that she completely understands, and then Sheldon, in an overwhelmed state of relief and gratitude, blurts out that he loves her. ...So, I guess I was in the ballpark, haha. Honestly, when Sheldon said, "I love you too," I had the same reaction as Amy. My mouth fell open and I stared at the TV in shock. That sounds sexy as hell. I haven't had a Shamy dream in a while. My favorite one that I had (which I actually described in last season's Shamy positivity thread) involved Sheldon and Amy, sitting on the couch, taking turns kissing each other's neck, and at one point Amy accidentally nips Sheldon's neck and he shrieks and says, "You bit me!" and Amy freaks out and apologizes, and then Sheldon simply grins all sexily and says, "It's all right," and proceeds to kiss her neck again. Coincidentally, the most recent Shamy dream I had was also before the premiere. They reunited and they were in the middle of a busy sidewalk for some reason, and they were both smiling at each other and Amy asked Sheldon if he missed her, and he responded by leaning down and kissing her. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an on-screen Shamy make out session this season.
  10. It's definitely going to be an extremely emotional moment when one of them moves out and they have to say goodbye to each other (even though they'll still see each other all the time). It WILL be the end of an era. I think they'll both end up crying. Yes, and you know how they say goodnight to each other in morse code (as Sheldon said in the season 7 opener)? I so imagine a scene where Sheldon taps something in morse code to Leonard and then Leonard says, "I love you, too."
  11. I think I have a hunch on what the big thing is... And that's entirely out of seeing the preview at the end of the latest episode, as well as reading the episode description and checking out the promo pics. My thoughts are running rampant with all the possible scenarios...
  12. UGH. That sounds adorable. Oh well. The hug will have to live in the rest of our imaginations, I suppose, haha. That being said, I'm obviously aware that something "big" is coming what with all the hype lately, so I'm not too upset about that... I'm proud to say that I'm still spoiler-free despite all the many temptations, haha. I do allow myself a little bit, though, just so I don't feel too deprived. I check out the episode descriptions/pics and watch the preview clips. Gives me a little something to speculate. It's more fun that way. I'm kind of nervous about this big thing that's going to happen... My reaction to the "coitus" line in the season 8 opener was pretty damn dramatic, I have to admit, and that only turned out to be a tease for the audience (those sneaky writers! They know exactly what they're doing.) Soooo... Yeah... My Shamy feels cannot be contained... I really can't wait for these next two episodes...
  13. Loved the second hug as well. I also loved how, in the latest episode (The Focus Attenuation), Sheldon said to Leonard, "That's my boy."
  14. Agreed. To be honest, though, when Sheldon finally does say it for the first time (and I'm really hoping it will be this season. It just seems like the next logical milestone for them) I'd rather it to be directly to Amy. If he were to acknowledge it after prodding from Leonard or Penny or anyone else, to me it would kind of take away from the special moment of him telling Amy for the first time, since we as the audience would already be expecting him to tell her then. I'd personally rather it be a big surprise for the audience when Amy hears it for the first time. That's why I think the accidental confession is most plausible for Sheldon, as though it's what he secretly knew all along but had been suppressing and only just truly discovered in that moment. Not sure if any of that makes any sense, haha. Allow me to move on to another point... As for Sheldon and Amy moving in together, unfortunately I don't see that happening at all this season. By the end of next season, maybe, hopefully, but definitely not this season. Steve Molaro himself said that he's not ready for Sheldon and Leonard to not live together because it's such a big part of the show. And since he's 99% sure that Leonard and Penny aren't going to get married this season, it's clear that the living arrangements aren't going to change yet either. So, yeah, I see the ILYs happening first as well.
  15. I one hundred percent agree with this. Amy really was "normalized" last season. She was strictly used as a supporting character, rather than ever being the one to really drive the action of the story. That's why I'm really glad she finally had a story of her own in The Junior Professor Solution. It was cute and silly, reminded me of how she behaved in The Wildebeest Implementation from Season 4 with all the pseudo-high school clique behavior. If anything, Amy was flat-out bitchy (for lack of a better word) to Penny last season by reputing her logic or straight up insulting her, which I didn't like at all. I can't really think of a quote or scene off the top of my head, forgive me. The only one that comes to mind is when Amy pointed out to Penny that she made Leonard take off his Wookie jacket or whatever, and Penny said something like, "I'm not going to go to the mall with someone dressed up like a dumb space bear." Now, I'll be honest, I could go either way on creepy, bi-curious Amy (pun intended, I suppose, haha). It's the quirkiness that I love, but at the same time, it did seem like she naturally grew out of her "crush" on Penny, so it is kind of weird that it's back. The way I see it, though, is that, while Amy's character has grown substantially, it just goes to show how socially inept she still is, and that's one of the reasons why I love her character. I find it endearing, because I just really missed that weirdness from her, which we didn't really see last season. I guess the writers are trying to find a new balance for her. We'll see what happens as this season progresses. On a totally random and unrelated note (although, related in the sense that it applies to Shamy, since this is a Shamy thread), I'm dying for another Shamy kiss. An ON-SCREEN Shamy kiss, obviously. Like, seriously. Just one. Or two. Or three... (But I'll take what I can get, haha. )
  16. It's basically a word association game. One contestant says a word as a clue and the other has to guess the password. So, for instance, on The Tonight Show segment, one the words was "nerd" and Jim, appropriately said "Sheldon" as his clue and Jimmy Fallon guessed the password, haha. I just watched the segment again on YouTube. Jim gets me so worked up my goodness. *fans self*
  17. Jim said panties you guys oh my god. I'm so jealous of that audience I just saw The Tonight Show last week!
  18. The one scenario I have in my head, and this isn't even what I necessarily want or think will happen, is something like the SIK train kiss. That is, it comes out after Sheldon is on some heated emotional rant and he just unintentionally blurts it out. And then they have a quiet, tender, profound moment in which Amy says it back and they share a kiss. All I know is that I have high hopes for the Shamy ILY exchange, and I honestly am confident that the writers will make it a truly monumental moment that is both sweet and unique in the unconventional way that is the one and only Shamy.
  19. Holy shit, you guys. I'm unspoiled so when I saw the premiere and Sheldon said, "I want to have coitus with Amy," I screamed, "WHAT? WHAT WHAT?" Oh my god I'm like hyperventilating right now rfaehuigefawsgioyuargigyuiaerhosdfil Okay bye
  20. I just saw a promo for the premiere (don't worry, no spoilers ), and I got ridiculously excited. Going spoiler free is proving its benefits already, haha.
  21. Yes. Seeing that picture made me feel inexplicably giddy. LOL
  22. Congrats to all participants, nominees and winners! And thank you to whomever nominated a couple of my fics. I truly appreciate it. It really brought a smile to my face. Also, a special thank you to everyone involved with organizing these Fanfiction Awards. You're all awesome! I'm off to write more Shamy oneshots now 'cause they're my fav.
  23. I decided to go unspoiled this season because 1) whenever I read the taping reports for last season, I was at work, and I can't distract myself like that anymore and 2) on one specific occasion, when I read the taping report for The Indecision Amalgamation, I literally had to stifle my laughter, but when I watched the actual episode, I didn't laugh as much since the element or surprise was taken away, and that honestly bummed me out. So, no more obsessively reading spoilers for me. Gonna go in fresh and take the surprises as they come. Whoo!
  24. I'm planning on going totally unspoiled this season. So far, so good.
  25. The episode of iCarly that Jim guest stars in is on TV right now lmao. It's actually the first thing I've ever seen him in, as it was before I even really knew about TBBT. At the time, I just remember thinking, "I like the way this guy talks." Oh, memories. Lol.
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