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  1. As to the turtle, did they really take Giuseppe back home? As to the turtle, did they really take Giuseppe back home? Ignore me. I just rewatch the ep and found out they didn't.
  2. Amy's last facial express in the cold opening kinda remind me of her "what's a hickey" face in s6. while Mayim made them clearly different. The face in the hickey episode was like "what the hell??" or didn't know how to respond , and the face in this episode seems blank and hopeless. if I'm not over thinking, then this kind of details might mean something.
  3. I love this episod. It seems all the three storylines are huge. Howard's brother, penny's dream and shamy's sleepover. I hope none of them is thrown away in the future. As to Howard's little brother, I hope they writers make him a ocean biology or something student for a reason. Remember Amy once run a trial on starfish? Maybe turn out that little brother is a fan of Dr. Fowler. Hahaha I want a new weird bonding.
  4. After the first SIK, they kiss on a date-nightly basis. After they said the L word to each other, they now proclaim their love in front of the gang. Now they have the first sleepover. I'm not sure what will happen after that, but I'm hope for the better and prepare for the best. Yeah my Shamy feels!!
  5. Cute promo, thanks! Just watchedthe E16 and I really wonder the experiment part is to cheer the shennys up or piss them off hahaha.
  6. Cannot even believe this. So so sad. Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock.
  7. She also saw him cry in the finale FwF. Boy Amy had seen a lot of crying Sheldon!
  8. Speaking of movies, I can see Sheldon recommend Interstellar for their date night. Since it is near 3h long, probably midnight when they finish, so Amy could sleep over at 4A. Then BAM! Sheldon forces Amy do the fire drill and earthquake drill until 3am.
  9. I kinda feel sad for Sheldon that the writers have made him struggle with his work since long time ago but nothing achievement. Come on writers, Sheldon is a genius, he deserves some great success!
  10. Great. Then Sheldon could show up at Amy's to get the kiss. Dr. Cooper would say that's because his need for closure but not he want the kiss.
  11. Agree and that's why Amy mentioned the folk music IMO. But I'm looking forward to the fanfic boom with BAM LAB COITUS. HAHA.
  12. I have a little question. What's the background music when Amy and raj's dad played ball of wool? It sounds beautiful.
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