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  1. Truth or Dare is always a game that can be spiced up. What about a naughty version of counterfactuals?
  2. The other word I have picked up on is garden. To us a garden is one with vegetables or lots of flowers. I believe the British garden is what we call our backyard. I'm enjoying this story very much, Rachel.
  3. All I could think of when they showed Sheldon waking up in bed is at least now we know which side of the bed will be his and which side will be hers. He is capable of sleeping on one side and not in the middle. Maybe him sleeping on one side is him "working on it".
  4. So beautiful! I was actually listening to that song earlier today and thought someone should make a video of them with it. Thank you!
  5. Omg.....dying! That was the best tag ever, lol. The sound he made at the end made me think of the Jizz in your Pants video someone made. LOL, this is the best thread ever.
  6. Kazzie, your avatar is everything!
  7. Hmmm. Not sure which photo to go with. I have one of me in Galveston last summer, he will recognize that! However, I live close to South Fork, aka "The Dallas House" from the tv show Dallas. Not sure which I should go with. Maddie, you should take your picture at the Buddy Holly tombstone and statue at the Lubbock Cemetery. Just a thought....
  8. I would love to see Lily Tomlin as Sheldon's Meemaw.
  9. Texas Tech, Maddie? One of my co-workers' daughter saw her at Texas Tech last Spring. She came to eat lunch with us one day when the semester was over and said Mayim is the smartest woman she has ever heard speak!!! I was totally fan girling inside but trying to act cool since I was at work and have to seem professional (even though they know I'm a TBBT savant).
  10. Pasadena's Favorite Power Couple
  11. Thank you all who answered the sibling question.
  12. I always thought Mayim was an only child because I have never heard her say anything or write anything about a sibling. However, in the acknowledgment section of her cook book she writes about her Mom cooking for two children and a husband who has a child's palette. Interesting. Maybe she has mentioned it before, and I just missed it.
  13. Yes to all above. It is hard to picture exactly how it should/will happen. Part of me thinks as traditional as they can be Sheldon would insist to wait for their wedding night, which would buy him (and the writers) more time. On the other hand, I think it would be sweet if he knocked on her door late at night unexpectedly, and when she opened the door surprised to see him he would just say, "Amy, I'm ready." She wouldn't say a word, just nod, take his hand and lead him to her bedroom. Then they would just make sweet tender yet a little awkward love. Sigh. Of course that scenario would have to take place after more mutual initiated kisses and ILYs.
  14. I honestly can't believe she accepted the Howard Stern interview. I've listened to his show off and on through out many years, and there is nothing he won't say or ask of his guests. Howard is a double edged sword, he is a huge risk, but also has a huge fan base as well. Some actors will give topics that they won't discuss in interviews beforehand, but Howard doesn't abide by that. Maybe I'm the only one worried for her. I'm just glad her BFF Jim will be in the same city if she needs support.
  15. Based on Mayim's scheduled interviews this week in NYC, and Jim's rehearsals for SNL this week in NYC, maybe we will get a Majim photo or two instagramed from Mayim. They do like to meet up, so they probably will. Mayim was Instagram happy yesterday, so maybe that will continue. On a side note, she will probably need a huge hug from him after she does the Howard Stern show. I don't see how that interview could possibly go well for her. I hope I'm wrong, but that man is so mean, crude, and has no boundaries. Let's hope Jim will be there for her afterwards.
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