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  1. Coming back from lurking lands to say hi and that I'm excited for the new season! Go Shamy!
  2. *Comes out of the shadows just to roll laughing at MJ's signature*
  3. Meemaw looks so cute!! I just wanna eat cookies and warm milk, and have her tell me stories while she rocks in her swinging chair
  4. OMG I'm so nervous!!!!!!!!! *fangirling intensifies*
  5. ERMAGERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will I ever recover from this TR?? Kazzie...it had to be you. Thank you so much!
  6. Basically Dave won this episode for me!! It was hilarious!
  7. Pretty much how I feel. One fun day with Sheldon and BAM she wants him back. 3 episodes ago she couldn't even skype with him without looking bored/upset. Maybe I'm the weird one here. And yes I agree an honest talk wouldn't move Sheldon much, but it seems to me that it's still missing. But whatever I just want them to make out as much as possible and make me forget about this ugly period.
  8. When you take this into consideration, then Amy should've just talked honestly with him, instead of breaking up. But I understand this isn't based on real life and they just do it for laughs. I'll just enjoy the final destination, even if the ride wasn't so smooth. I'm pretty sure I won't even remember they were broken up after I see this kiss. (MAKE OUT!!! 3X!!!)
  9. I almost choked on my own saliva reading about the kiss!!!
  10. This is pretty intereting, but it makes it sound like Amy broke up with Sheldon over nothing. Not a month ago 80% of this thread was: Amy deserves better. Sheldon must grow and SHOW AMY that he deserves her. Key on SHOW her. He didn't show her anything. He's changed, he's grown, but Amy just took him back without explanation.
  11. I'll take that as a: "I wasn't expecting that" LOL As usual it's a delight to see your reaction to a TR, too bad koops and Lionne have been gone for a while. I would love their input as well.
  12. After 10 minutes trying to quote you I finally got it lol! I was just thinking that now that they're back together Amy might be tempted to watch the video where he talked about the ring. That could lead to the talk I'm very much hoping they have. I know Sheldon made a huge leap this season, but Amy doesn't know it. From her point this is just Sheldon getting what he wants. Exactly like how it was the first time with Stuart. (I am dying to see the make out DAMMIT!!!) I'm not disappointed with the Sheldon part of the storytelling, it's Amy's part that has me scratching my head. She broke up with him because she couldn't take him anymore. Sure, she never stopped loving him, but their problems just didn't go away. Especially since they never talked about it. Amy has no idea Sheldon's been in this INTENSE emotional period. Jim Parsons is so brilliant. I teared up everytime Sheldon yelled at Penny because he was so distraught talking about the ring and Amy. Trying and failing miserably to make it seem like he was doing fine. Then one friendly Aquarium 'date' later all is forgiven and she wants him back. I would've felt ok if this was imediately after the break up, because people with a hot head fail to think clearly, and just do things they certainly regret a few hours later. This was over how many months later?
  13. I know most of you will probably call me crazy or maybe even stupid, but I'm not happy with the way this break up was resolved. None of their issues were addressed, they didn't talk, they just missed each other. Sheldon was pretty adamant on the last tapping saying that he can't go through this again. Amy on the other hand was just settling for Dave so she wouldn't be alone, even after she was completely tuned off by his Sheldon obsession. In the end, I love that they're back together, but I can't shake the feeling that this was all for nothing, seeing as they're pretty much on the same place as before.
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