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  1. RT @BlondieTweeps: DEAR @ScottMGimple, if @RobertKirkman's words are true, it should've been made CLEAR in 4B. Looks exploitative. Now just…

  2. RT @sabryylemos: Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene from The Walking Dead #Bethyl#TopTVCouple @KristinDSantos @eonlineTV

  3. Delirando com Fear of The Dark na @cidadeoficial

  4. RT @GMA: A popular @WalkingDead_AMC chracter (not naming names) was killed off and people want him/her back! What say you, fans?

  5. RT @jennifercarolyn: @TessDanza It makes no narrative sense. No character sense. It was just pointless and both the character and actress d…

  6. I don't even care if teverybody gets to live on TWD from now on. This show is complete bullshit after last night. @emmykinney @ScottMGimple

  7. RT @fckouatt: nossa mano eu fui otária eu fui trouxa eu fui brinquedo dos produtores #RIPBeth

  8. RT @NASA: New computer model provides a new portrait of carbon dioxide: http://t.co/NiIIPJFtJN #EarthRightNow http://t.co/ZBeUDFydDA

  9. RT @SonequaMG: It's the day of the show y'all...! Excited?! Can we give it up to @emmykinney for rockin' it OUT episode 4?? #shoutoutSunday

  10. RT @SonequaMG: Man I love my TWD family. What an amazing shower. http://t.co/5vlTg0yjJw

  11. RT @emmykinney: Hey Lovers,.Reading so many sweet tweets this AM about last weeks TWD episode and about Expired Love. So, so grateful for a…

  12. RT @GunnerGale: ‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Top ‘Sunday Night Football’ Again http://t.co/kHFmnxrUda via @deadline #LoveOurFans #TWDFamily

  13. RT @WalkingDead_AMC: “They think I’m scrawny. They think I’m weak. But they don’t know shit about me.” – Noah #TheWalkingDead

  14. RT @wwwbigbaldhead: Hope u guys liked the episode. They were great in there http://t.co/TQhOEexQvv

  15. RT @BethylFans: Beth Greene returns tonight! Are u ready for tonight's episode of TWD? #Bethisode #BethIsBack #BadassBeth #Bethyl http://…

  16. RT @babyididtoo: “@WalkingDead_AMC: Lost and found. #TheWalkingDead is new tonight at 9|8c. http://t.co/XHnYGDI2pV”DTOP

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