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  1. 1 hour ago, 2L344 said:

    and thats a possibility. we never saw Amys POV and never got an explanation from her, so all we are left with is trying to put the puzzle together without all the pieces. i was just replying to a post addressing this frustration, which i too share...and what i laid it out was one possible explanation to try to make sense of the break up, that it was an emotional reaction to Sheldons distracted kiss that snowballed into a six month separation...


    its not that Amy didnt have a right to be upset, Sheldon is a pill...but the fact she ia willing to accept him back without resolving anything after a fun day at the aquarium is, in my opinion, evidence that she ia trying to undo and reverse a mistake SHE made in her mind. 

    Pretty much how I feel. One fun day with Sheldon and BAM she wants him back. 3 episodes ago she couldn't even skype with him without looking bored/upset. Maybe I'm the weird one here. 

    And yes I agree an honest talk wouldn't move Sheldon much, but it seems to me that it's still missing. 


    But whatever I just want them to make out as much as possible and make me forget about this ugly period. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, April said:

    He did show her though???? The whole aquarium date was him being considerate of her feelings, trying to make sure she doesn't feel awkward, and having a good time with her. And with the last TR he was stepping up in the romance department, being all hippy-dippy about a love song, telling her ILY and kissing her passionately - in front of a stranger no less! I'm pretty sure Amy noticed a change. lol

    When you take this into consideration, then Amy should've just talked honestly with him, instead of breaking up. But I understand this isn't based on real life and they just do it for laughs. 

    I'll just enjoy the final destination, even if the ride wasn't so smooth. I'm pretty sure I won't even remember they were broken up after I see this kiss. (MAKE OUT!!! 3X!!!)

  3. 12 hours ago, 2L344 said:

    I think I summed it up once before, but in my eye it can be this simple--

    * In a frustrated fit, Amy gets pissed at Sheldon and asks for time, then in a bigger emotional moment breaks up with him when he pisses her off in episode 1.


    * Amy might've regretted the outburst later but hopes for some give from Sheldon and that he apologizes, owns his mistakes, and pursues her a bit. It doesn't happen.


    * Ah, the stairwell scene. She's hit with some cold reality, in her mind Sheldon no longer cares and has even started to try to date, which he never seemed interested in before. Panic sets in, and she realized what a huge mistake she made. 


    * Amy uses her free time to explore what she never has before by using a dating app. But is uncomfortable with it and is embarrassed enough to hide it from everyone. She isn't ready to date and it was a dumbo move to start, but she's new at it.


    * Amy dates Dave but is turned off by his man crush on Sheldon. Thanks to Dave, Amy is reminded that others think Sheldon is awesome and she is also reminded about why she thinks he is awesome too.


    * Time passes, Amy isn't really moving on, and when an opportunity arises thanks to some aquarium tickets Amy leaps at the chance to spend some time with Sheldon. No doubt she knows that Sheldon isn't dating despite the stairwell encounter and revelation. She has a great time, Sheldon is still clearly who she is in love with, and she takes a leap of faith that maybe she could as to be his GF again. There's nothing to lose other than her pride. Sheldon carefully refuses and Amy sinks further in her realization that it's over.


    * in an half hearted attempt to salvage something of her social life she revisits a date with Dave and tries to pick up the pieces....


    And there you go, a Sheldon interruption and the rest is TR history lol.....anyway, that's how I'm gonna try to resolve the plot in my head so that it fits okay. Like you, though, it would be great if the writers fill in the gaps in the next couple episodes but I'm doubting they will spend the time. I think they are just ready to move forward and take the plot out of first gear, in their minds mission aacomplished, let's blow this thing!



    This is pretty intereting, but it makes it sound like Amy broke up with Sheldon over nothing. 

    Not a month ago 80% of this thread was: Amy deserves better. Sheldon must grow and SHOW AMY that he deserves her. 

    Key on SHOW her. He didn't show her anything. He's changed, he's grown, but Amy just took him back without explanation.

  4. 16 minutes ago, wowbagger said:

    All right, which one of you wrote this episode?

    Come on, don't play lily-white with me. The jig is up. One of you bitches was on the writing staff, subjected us to this nine episode long national nightmare, and then finally saw the light and said 'My babies are coming out of this with a happy ending if I have to burn the studio down to do it.'

    I mean- reconciliation? Kissing? Three kisses? French kisses? Emotional declarations from Sheldon? Incredibly sappy ones? Songs that remind him of Amy? Homages to The Flaming Spittoon?

    This episode was written, not just by a Shamy shipper, but a Shamy shipper going on a bloody rampage. A Shamy shipper who bound and gagged Chuck Lorre, stuffed him into a basement, showed him a piece of paper and said 'Read this. This is a list of my demands. For every one of these not met, say goodbye to a body part.'

    Although the Shamy haven't had sex against a wall/door/showerhead in this episode, so I'm assuming someone on the staff is missing at least a big toe.....

    I'll take that as a: "I wasn't expecting that" LOL

    As usual it's a delight to see your reaction to a TR, too bad koops and Lionne have been gone for a while. I would love their input as well.

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  5. 3 hours ago, kerrycec03 said:

    Love that the ring is still out there and wasnt part of the reconciling in any shape or form Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    After 10 minutes trying to quote you I finally got it lol! I was just thinking that now that they're back together Amy might be tempted to watch the video where he talked about the ring. That could lead to the talk I'm very much hoping they have. 

    I know Sheldon made a huge leap this season, but Amy doesn't know it. From her point this is just Sheldon getting what he wants. Exactly like how it was the first time with Stuart. (I am dying to see the make out DAMMIT!!!)

    I'm not disappointed with the Sheldon part of the storytelling, it's Amy's part that has me scratching my head. She broke up with him because she couldn't take him anymore. Sure, she never stopped loving him, but their problems just didn't go away. Especially since they never talked about it. 

    Amy has no idea Sheldon's been in this INTENSE emotional period. Jim Parsons is so brilliant. I teared up everytime Sheldon yelled at Penny because he was so distraught talking about the ring and Amy. Trying and failing miserably to make it seem like he was doing fine. Then one friendly Aquarium 'date' later all is forgiven and she wants him back. I would've felt ok if this was imediately after the break up, because people with a hot head fail to think clearly, and just do things they certainly regret a few hours later. This was over how many months later?

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  6. I know most of you will probably call me crazy or maybe even stupid, but I'm not happy with the way this break up was resolved. None of their issues were addressed, they didn't talk, they just missed each other. Sheldon was pretty adamant on the last tapping saying that he can't go through this again. Amy on the other hand was just settling for Dave so she wouldn't be alone, even after she was completely tuned off by his Sheldon obsession. 

    In the end, I love that they're back together, but I can't shake the feeling that this was all for nothing, seeing as they're pretty much on the same place as before. 

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  7. Amy had to hold back an emotional break down over his words but she did manage to get out, "Oh, okay..." or "Okay..." as an agreement. After he then changes the subject and says something else, her response to that was also forced out as if everything is fine.


    ETA: I'm not sure how It will be now still, based on her reaction. She may be so sad that she has to stay away from him for at least a little while. My hope is that she sucks it up and still hangs out with him and the group for the sake of knowing in her heart that things can get better between them.

    This scares me a little. Basically we don't know how the writers plan to have Amy react to this. 

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    Well, O B V I O U S L Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Of course they have changed since S4. They have ALL changed. Could you imagine how pathetic it would be if they had remained the same exact characters after 5 years?

    Calm down...I was just making an observation, where did I say it was wrong for her to have changed? 

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  9. A. It's not a big passionate kiss.  It's my understanding it's simply an end-of-the-date goodnight kiss.  And at this point, she's been to coffee with Dave a few times, so they're not really strangers.

     B. This Amy is a different Amy than the one who dated once a year to appease her mother and wasn't interested in physical contact.  She's obviously been contacting Sheldon for a while now and know what kissing is like.  At least to some degree.

    April just said she POSSIBLY went out with Dave for coffee once, then had the second date where he kissed her. I was responding to that information

  10. Ok so basically Amy kisses a guy she barely knows, then discovers he's an idiot on the third date. 

    Kinda different from the Amy who asked for tepid water and told sheldon that all forms of physical contact were off the table. 

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