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  1. I felt bipolar watching this episode. I was laughing out loud at Nathan Fillion and Penny then suddenly I'm crying. Excellent episode, this season is really good so far.
  2. I loved the Prom's ILY, but still nothing topped the first SIK for me yet.
  3. This episode cracked me up!!! It's excellent! Penny was absolutely hilarious!!!
  4. Delirando com Fear of The Dark na @cidadeoficial

  5. I'm 65% sure TPTB read Concession before writing this episode.
  6. I think it was a good episode. Funny moments. Emily or Cinnamon was hilarious!!!
  7. I'm screaming like Penny because of this promo
  8. RT @GMA: A popular @WalkingDead_AMC chracter (not naming names) was killed off and people want him/her back! What say you, fans?

  9. RT @jennifercarolyn: @TessDanza It makes no narrative sense. No character sense. It was just pointless and both the character and actress d…

  10. I don't even care if teverybody gets to live on TWD from now on. This show is complete bullshit after last night. @emmykinney @ScottMGimple

  11. RT @fckouatt: nossa mano eu fui otária eu fui trouxa eu fui brinquedo dos produtores #RIPBeth

  12. Anyone who likes Pride and Prejudice will be welcome into my internet life!! *throws Mr. Darcy confetti*
  13. No Thanksgiving in Brazil either, so Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!!
  14. I hate tea/coffee/any kind of soda. 2 weeks without a TR. I may not survive.
  15. Pretty sure I'm still asleep and dreaming
  16. RT @NASA: New computer model provides a new portrait of carbon dioxide: http://t.co/NiIIPJFtJN #EarthRightNow http://t.co/ZBeUDFydDA

  17. RT @SonequaMG: It's the day of the show y'all...! Excited?! Can we give it up to @emmykinney for rockin' it OUT episode 4?? #shoutoutSunday

  18. Oh good, Kaley's hair is growing, must be some kind of magic...
  19. I'm with Koops on this. BBT's episode was the funniest, but only because I chose to completely disregard Amy/Bernadette's plot. It was completely useless, it served no purpose other than make me hate Bernie. So now we all know what tptb are going with Shamy. Companionship, closeness, just enjoying each other's company...honestly that was all I was asking for.
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