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  1. Woohoo 3 more seasons of this awesomeness!!!! :D
  2. Good point. But hey people are always going to complain just for the sake of it, personally i thought season 4 was good
  3. I agree , I believe the problem is that certain viewers are just outgrowing the show , a friend of mine who was literally obsessed with the tbbt disliked the writing style from season 6 and hasn't even watched any of season 7 ,some people just don't like change!
  4. Although having Amy and Sheldon as roommates would have the potential for some very comical moments , I think it would be just too soon , remember the producers said everything moves at a snails pace on this show
  5. She really is adorable , wow she just pulls on my heart strings
  6. People just find it easier to write negative things than positive ones , but hey it's just the world we live in and it's a shame really! I don't really understand the hate she gets sometimes , she seems really sweet and likeable
  7. Perhaps I'm sensing a cliff hanger to do with penny it seems like it!
  8. i wonder how many people would actually freak out if A/S broke up?
  9. as long as going to space dosent involve what happend in gravity (the movie) , then sure sign me up
  10. OT slightley: is it just me of does anybody else feel like L/P have lost their amazing chemistry that they had in season 1-3, i mean it just feels different in s7 somehow , any opinion on this?
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