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  1. nice pics of jim i just been reading ryans blog and found out he has cp like me and i can so relate to his post on it ,the book looks interesting i read a lot so i might check it out
  2. im glad hes being protected as well ,im a fan of musicals and there was one a few years back called jerry springer: the opera which i think didnt make it to broadway but had reliogous groups protesting it cos of the content tho i dont think anything bad happened thankfully
  3. thanks but believe it or not i am british just have special needs (i have disablities ) and i always struggled with written english at school,i have been on other forums online and have had people correcting me but thankfully most dont care
  4. hope youre right cos theres still some much they can do with them so wasting time wouldnt be good ,anyway cant wait for season 9 to start
  5. i was at a concert at the weekend and the singer who i mananged to meet signed his sig the same as jim did in other words very fast and loopy so cant blame jim... arrg my 1st post is this .lol. sorry i been lurking for years and i was scared to post cos my english is crap
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