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  1. "Sheldon and Amy's bedroom in 4b" ...Call me crazy , but I find it moving
  2. I suppose it's the most appropriate time to post these photos: Obviously Captain Jim's prediction will come true in 10.11, god bless him. And we're certainly sure that we'll tune in
  3. First of all, I concur with all of this. Other than showing parallel between two plot lines, from what I remembered how the hug scene being described, they both contentedly closed their eyes afterwards, which would suggest that 1) they both drift off and 2) Sheldon stayed overnight, yet 1)would be kinda incoherent because they haven't ate dinner, and 2) would mean they're in a extremely comfortable state with each other and make people thinking they'll soon move in together. Though I can't deny that at first I was a little bit disappointed about the post-coitus hug being cut out, I comple
  4. You can feel the love radiated from his eyes into the air, his gaze is so intense and absorbed in her, then she gently touched his cheek... How could such a innocent interaction create so much sexual tension?
  5. Agree with this. Although my interpretation is that Sheldon's first eye contact and nod toward Dave before entering Amy's apartment was he being polite and showing etiquette, a body language saying “sorry for interrupting your date." then" Thank you for allowing me in." The second contact was showing his uncertainty after receiving such a confusing request from someone who's not supposed to encourage him, like him saying "Really? You want me to kiss your date? " And the final eye contact before he put the request into action, was like " OK then, you named it, so here we go..." Sp
  6. As much as I love the Shamy's sweet passionate kiss, Dave totally stole the show for me. I just can't stop staring at this gif , how could someone as tall as 6'7" move as flexibly as that? Oh and, my SO said that Dave reminds him a lot of Windows clippy, both have two big eyes, slim and flexible body and just popup abruptly for uncalled assistance, his analogy was so felicitous that it really cracked me up In case anybody don't know what clippy is, here's the image:
  7. OMG. I love you, Dave You're the role model of the fanboy, and you should be named the Shamy shipper of honor! Please do come back again!
  8. Thank you for mentioning that. I thought Lorre's comment was extremely spot on and showed how deeply he care about and understand these characters, he's like the father of them.
  9. Thank you , Kazzie. I meant to ask something akin to heres2U, because Mayim was not wearing glasses in the post taping interview photo with Jim, so I was wondering if Amy didn't wearing her glasses during their cuddling in bed scene. But this also answered my question Again, thank you so vastly much, Kazzie. I am happy for you to see these two eps taped and wish the best for your well-being.
  10. The bold part, I meant to say the same ever since the detailed TR was posted, but I was occupied in work all day. Thank you for mentionting this.
  11. So, I noticed Mayim didn't wearing glasses in the post taping interview photo with Jim. Does that mean Amy didn't put on her glasses during their post-coitus cuddle scene? I would love that.
  12. I always love this interview, Jim's " Why can't they...DO IT!" was so adorable, and since then I believed eventually it will happen . And I also find it intriguing that Jim said" I have desires" while years after Sheldon told Penny"I have urges"
  13. Would you please PM me the TR as well ? That would be very much appreciated
  14. Holy molly! My heartbeat is racing! The force in Sheldon does awaken!
  15. As we all konws,Sheldon always loves to make it three. So three is the charm,guys(wink).
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