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  1. I just saw that the Tony awards released a list of shows that are eligible for nominations and ACT OF GOD is on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. When I read FAINT OUTLINE I almost busted out laughing
  3. I agree with you so much on this. It would be great fun to have most of season 9 with them chasing each other. Sometimes when couples on TV are put together it can get boring and I would not like that at all if the SHAMY were made into a boring TV couple. Think of the possibilities of what the writers could do. I still think my idea if Sheldon taking Amy to court over the Relationship agreement.
  4. In my top 3 favorites of any Shamy story I've read. I love this world of Shamy so much I really wish it would have a sequel. I'm throwing MAJOR hints here
  5. 2 notification emails in a week. It's a miracle.
  6. The Chaos Cognizance by Darcyfitz 1 is WONDERFUL. I Nominate for everything that applies.
  7. We should start a petition to be able to see the whole interview. I just finished it and I want MORE!
  8. If I get that close when I go my son will have a mess to deal with.
  9. Sad thing is it makes me sad thinking when I see him in July that may be the only time I see him.
  10. My 17 yr old son just told me I need to get a grip on my "Jim Parsons obsession". And sadly I think he has a point
  11. If only we got to see the whole thing
  12. Wouldn't it by great if Jim did a surprise walk on on SNL tonight since Rhianna is the musical guest. Wouldn't it by great if Jim did a surprise walk on on SNL tonight since Rhianna is the musical guest.
  13. I hope by July 25th he is still signing and wore out by then to go out after performance. My 17 yr old son has warned me not to freak out and embarrass him
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