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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Big Bang theory and never miss an episode but I don't understand what's happened to the Penny character. She was the most "normal" character at the beginning of the series, trying to teach Sheldon and Lenoard how to better function socially. Now it seems this character is going no where. I don't know if it how she's supposed to be played or if its the actress playing her, but there is no energy behind Penny anymore. She looks bored in almost every scene! And now that she doesn't work at the cheese cake factory she has nothing going on her life, she's just there as part of the "girl group" because her apartment is right next to Sheldon's. Please give this actress something to do!!! Give penny a new job, an acting career, another man.....I don't care at this point....just give her something to do. Sitting at bars or in her aparmetn constently drinking and dropping one liners to be funny is lazy and I can't imagaine Kaley is excited to come to work everyday with NOTHING TO DO!!!! There doesn't even seem to be a real relationship between Penny and Leonard anymore, there's no chemistry, she doesn't even seem like see likes him.....so why are they still together? And while I'm at it, I think Amy and Bernadette's characters could have something happen to them as well. Why are we hardly seeing them at work anymore, or even just doing something active and fun during the day? Again, all they do now is sit in different locations with Penny drinking and trying to be funny. I'm so upset at how boring this show is becoming. Writers....let's get creative and spice it up a bit!!!! Too many guest stars this season don't mask the fact that these characters don't have anything to do anymore!!!
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