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  1. I had an interesting dream last night about how Sheldon Proposes to Amy. They are all gathered having a holiday celebration. Penny hands something to Amy but drops it, she bends down to pick it up and turns around and Sheldon is now in from of her on one knee, she starts breathing heavily, he grabs the object from Amy’s hand and opens it, it turns out the thing Penny “accidentally” dropped was the engagement ring disguised in a small velvet gift bag… that’s all I remember.
  2. I may actually pass out when they show them laying in bed after Amy receives her birthday present. His chest...OMG.
  3. The look on his face when she opens the door and penny breaking the glass are killing me.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrnn2lgNmn4 CBS finally posted the preview on YouTube!!
  5. I was drinking too. I completely forgot about my drink after I saw the new promo. Perhaps because my heart stopped.
  6. I don't know anymore. I'm too excited to even process properly right now
  7. I may die. Actually I'm already dead. Someone call my parents and my boyfriend and attempt to explain how I died.
  8. I need this to go in my office at home...like immediately!
  9. While I'm not happy that they fully broke up this sets Sheldon up to "step up" and show Amy how he truly feels. She knows he loves her but this will allow him to express how he feels about everything and possibly make some changes, once it fully sets in (in Sheldon's mind) that they're broken up. This will also allow Amy to express how she feels about everything that has taken place in their relationship and possibly make some changes as well.
  10. So right now I'm in Georgia at FLETC for training and there is a shuttle on the weekend that will take us to the mall and movie theater. I will definitely be seeing Home this weekend. I can't wait!!
  11. I think we need to see him do some push ups... maybe some shirtless push ups?
  12. Yeah, my bf is 6'1" and wears a size 12.5 he actually bought socks the other day and the were too small so he had to give them to me. Big ol' clown feet.
  13. I think he should just go around shirtless from now on. I can't stop looking at these pics.
  14. How can I sleep now with those images in my head. Damn! I have to go to work in 5 hours. Why does he have to be so [emoji91]?
  15. Holy crap! They showed him in the tub... Omg! I think my heart stopped.
  16. Intel isn't listed as one of the advertisers. http://www.superbowlcommercial2015.com/2015-advertisers/
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