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  1. When Jim, Kunal and Simon were the only ones dancing I literally yelled "Ohhhh get it Jimmy!!" So thankful my bf is at work he'd have me committed.
  2. Very worth it. I'm not gonna lie I got a little giggly not because he was bad but because I couldn't contain myself.
  3. I just saw the new flash mob!! OMG! I don't care what Jim says he can definitely shake it.
  4. It kills me that he at least likes one Journey song. I love Journey and am constantly made fun of for it.
  5. Yeah, on the 18th. http://www.cbs.com/shows/late_late_show/upcoming_guests/
  6. I think I've been found out....every time an Intel commercial with Jim comes on my boyfriend nudges me, points to the television and doesn't speak until the commercial is over.
  7. His name was Roger McFarlane. He was the first paid executive director of the Gay Men's Health crisis. He also lived with and assisted his brother before his death due to AIDS in 2002. He committed suicide in 2009 in Truth or Consequences, NM claiming in his note that he could no longer live with his heart and back issues. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/19/nyregion/19mcfarlane.html
  8. This is so how I feel right now. I'm super drunk at my friends house.
  9. They just showed a commercial for Elf. It looks adorable and It definitely sounds like Jim is singing.
  10. I think I may have fainted. Good lord, this man !!
  11. I never knew that was Jim until I started watching the show. That commercial used to scare me.
  12. I had an odd but sexy Shamy dream last night. Somehow Amy fell down or passed out and she was on the floor laying on her back. Sheldon ended up laying on the floor on his side facing her. He touched her face and asked if she was okay and she said she was. Then he leaned over and gave her one of the sexiest kisses I've ever seen. Why can't I dream like this more often?
  13. I'm quite upset. I was planning on going to see Merton on Dec 1 but yesterday my car decided to die. I'm probably going to have to buy a new engine My car is successfully Jim blocking me.
  14. So excited! I love the christmas episodes!
  15. I just wanna touch his arms...and maybe his chest is that too much to ask?
  16. Has anyone else seen this? They look so miserable.
  17. I agree I have to reserve my fan girling for you guys. None of my friends watch the show and they look at me funny when I tell them BBT is my favorite show. Even my boyfriend barely tolerates watching and he only does so because I do. When Sheldon said ILY to Amy my boyfriend seriously said "Why did they have to do that?" I just looked at him and simply stated he just didn't get it and left it at that.
  18. His face....this will make twice that he's busted his nose. I've broken my nose a few times it sucks. The deviated septum that came with it is also not cool.
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