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  1. Holy crap...he's about to bust that sleeve open!
  2. Look at those arms... and that smile...
  3. He just posted a pic of himself hugging 'Oh'
  4. He was funny and adorable. Thank you vonmar for the link.
  5. I'm so happy for you! I would faint if he replied to me.
  6. Holy crap!! Very very very manly!!! Broad shoulders and that chest
  7. I feel the same way. I was like
  8. Yeah, it was really good. I cried a little too, bit of a tear jerker. Jim has some pretty funny lines. It surprised me that I was one of 3 people in the theater to see it.
  9. I just got home from seeing Wish I Was Here. Jim was beyond adorable. He was only in about 4 scenes but his adorableness just shines through.
  10. I can't wait to see the IG pics after they start taping. Hopefully some more MaJim selfies!!
  11. I love the puffy clouds and clear blue sky...I miss home (California) a lot!
  12. I didn't see any article either. I looked and all I can find are old articles and the video of Ellen questioning whether or not he'll get married. If the pic was to debunk rumors I don't blame him. My family and friends are constantly questioning my bf and I about marriage. Sometimes I take pics for FB just to be like "Look jerk faces no ring!" My Mother goes to the extent of every time I call he to tell her something cool I did or went she says "To the court house?" "Did you get married?" Todd and Jim are way too adorable, if they are happy the way they are then so be it. People (ma
  13. Does anyone know where this pic is from? He's just too sexy!
  14. I was thinking that too. I was like omg...I had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast today too!!!
  15. I work for the government doing operation research analysis and testing. I work out of the airport so I see a lot of different people. I'm still praying for the day when I see Jim... I'll run back to my little cubby hole and fangirl out.
  16. I feel the same way. I see celebrities all the time (at work) and I never speak to them. The other day Bob Saget asked me a question and I answered and walked away. The only one I've actually spoken to was Bill Clinton and that was because he started talking to me in line at Starbucks and that was probably because I was in uniform.
  17. I can't wait for the pic of MaJim both holding their emmy's and Jim kissing Mayim's cheek again....I'll cry and jump up and down if it happens.
  18. I was having odd dreams last night. The one I remember vividly, I was checking my IG and Jim had posted a pic of him and one of his dogs...but Jim didn't have a shirt on
  19. If they only knew... I mean how can you not be into him? ^ Sexy!
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