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  1. My psychology teacher is Sheldon's mom... http://instagram.com/p/prmIExIxnW/ Oh and she's Dr. Cooper.
  2. It was funny. He was sharing way to much info about Mayim having to pee.
  3. He said Mayim said she had to pee but she wanted to wait until his category was over and he told her to go because he wasn't going to win... Then he said he felt like he was talking to a therapist.
  4. Majim were literally the first people I saw when I turned on the Critics' Choice awards
  5. I would have been fine with the selfie but they just had to step it up. Kissing and an ILY??? Perfection!
  6. When I saw the pics I was like "OMG...they didn't!! OMG....Yes they did!!"
  7. I just died....I'm squealing like a little girl.
  8. If I woke up next to that every morning...
  9. wow! Could you imagine having Jim & Todd's bed? I really need a new couch though, maybe I could get my brother to buy the blue one.
  10. If we had a mug with Jim saliva on it we could make our very own Jim Parsons...
  11. I might pass out if they start doing majim/shamy selfies when they start filming again.
  12. I did the same when I had pneumonia...Shamy works wonders.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. He's said over and over how strenuous the memorization process is on him during the show, hopefully he doesn't get too busy or bored with it.
  14. I agree. He had that sexy stubble too...
  15. Me too. Not too long though. Absolute favorite Jim haircut...so sexy.
  16. So did I. Y'all should follow me too http://instagram.com/carterk_89
  17. Yay!! Shamy won! All that voting worked.
  18. I keep seeing the Sprint Framily commercials and every time I see Zack I think Shamy's son.
  19. I loved Reading Rainbow and am so glad a whole new generation will be exposed to it. I also love that it's only the third day and it's closing in on $3 million, I hope they reach $10 million. I pledged $110! I can't wait to get my signed and personalized headshot!
  20. I think total I've spend about 30 min voting. Shamy better win or I'm gonna start flipping tables.
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