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  1. How would she do? What do you think .. :D Could she learn some basics to work as an assistant.
  2. Maybe Penny's plot is to show us that most of ordinary people are not going anywhere in their life. Just doing same things over and over again.
  3. Boys would have money to live on their own like Raj does, but it's clear they don't really want to. They need each others to feel safe. Sheldon got a lot of extra money when he made new foundings but he never even mentioned moving out. He would have if he really wanted to. But he feels lost without Leonard. Sheldon must get something between 3000-5000 from his job. Even if he would pay 1000 for rent and 1000 for food, he would be fine living alone.
  4. She eats with boys and saves money :D I'm wondering Penny gets about 1500 from her job and rent is maybe 1000. Boys would have more money if they didn't eat out every evening. They eat out twice a day so it's over 600 per month. Penny cooks when she have money. And boys have a huge apartment and a car. And very expensive laptops.
  5. I'm not sure .. am I? I study in university and love "nerd activities", like cons, roleplay, laser fight or queuing my favourite movies. My boyfriend plays warcraft, I don't. I look quite a normal, I think. No nerd looks.
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