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  1. True. We had my boyfriends birthday party. TPBM likes this forum.
  2. snell

    True or False?

    False TNP would love to travel but cant, because of their medical issues
  3. Have you ever bought CD ?
  4. Not really. If i was rich i would eat out everyday. What is your favourite home suit?
  5. Nope. I'm in city center and deadly tired. Hope i could just went home to sleep XP i dont even have anything seriously important here. My boyfriend wanted to do some 3d printing in library and i came with him. Sorry, wrong question 😄 false TPBM has broken the display of their phone.
  6. Just woke up and start to dress up for easter dinner with my family in my pants.
  7. Good morning and happy easter! Im deeply content with my life.
  8. In my country, we had lovely winter this year. Not too cold and not too mild.
  9. Thinking that finally im content with my own body <3
  10. Thinking why my ex's relatives still message me. I would like to forget all that.
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