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  1. Yes. HYE swon naked in a lake?
  2. snell

    This or That?

    Japanese. Dating rap/pop singer or pianist?
  3. snell

    True or False?

    False. TNP likes coffee more than tee.
  4. snell

    True or False?

    False TNP is missing someone.
  5. snell

    This or That?

    Long Tall or small girls?
  6. snell

    True or False?

    True. TNP lives outside of united states.
  7. snell

    This or That?

    Defenetly, dinner for breakfast. Weather: too hot or cold?
  8. Yes, long time ago when I was a child. HYE started crying in school?
  9. I'm not sure .. am I? I study in university and love "nerd activities", like cons, roleplay, laser fight or queuing my favourite movies. My boyfriend plays warcraft, I don't. I look quite a normal, I think. No nerd looks.
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