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  1. Good morning. Yesterday evening was best evening so far. So romantic <3 im in love with my boyfriend.
  2. Just talked on the phone with my good friend Sarita, in my pants. He just saw the doctor and may have difficult disease.
  3. Youve had nice adventure Mike! We are laying in bed and surfing online with my man and he havent talked to me anything today and its 1 oclock. Ive tried to talk but he is just like "mmm". Is there something wrong or is he just tired or something. Mmh.
  4. No. In my country, law is very strict about firing people. There is only a few reasons why you can fire someone and none of them can be personal reasons. Even if you came drunk to workplace everyday and do nothing but sleep there, you cant be fired. Boss has responsibility to send you to AA and see the doctor. Have you ever felt asleep in your workplace?
  5. snell

    True or False?

    True <3 TNP doesnt know how anxiety feels like
  6. We are waiting! I woke up too early again. My man will wake up after 4 hours ive been awake. Boooooring! Good thing is that I get new nails today! Yippee
  7. Same here. We have hollidays until 6. January. Over a week without anything special to do. Lets see what we find out. Today we visit my sister and pick up some stuff from vacation, and in a new years evening we go to dine with my mans parents.
  8. Back home. First morning in my very own bed. My boyfriend still sleeps. Its 12 in morning in my pants. Lazy boy!
  9. snell

    True or False?

    Lol.... false! TNP lives alone
  10. Nope Have you ever had a conversation with someone who doesnt speak your language?
  11. Nope How many babies you would like to have if you could decide?
  12. Happy Christmas! In my country, we celebrate Christmas today, 24.12
  13. Packing my staff for holidays in my pants
  14. I was in hospital today and they did some tests and try to figure out what is the spot in my neck.
  15. Enjoying lazy morning in my pants
  16. Im happy because all the presents are ready. Now i dont need to buy anything more. I can relax and enjoy christmas time.
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