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  1. Me! I have nice day today because my friends are visiting our city and we have christmas party together. First, we go shopping and buy gifts for each other. Then eat together.
  2. Waiting for Heikki to wake up in my pants.
  3. hope you have very nice time with both of your families. Im thinking why my dad didnt come to my place when i had a birthday.
  4. Nope Have you ever broke a mirror?
  5. Come to this site and play games , chat in whatsapp with my friends, check facebook. How much is your rent (for apartment)?
  6. snell

    True or False?

    True TNP uses less than 100 dollars/euros on christmas presents
  7. To my grandma's old place. Its the place where my family use to meet in christmas. Its house in countryside in the middle of nowhere. 2 hours drive from my city. What are you going to do this christmas, Mike? Im trying to think what i would buy for Heikki (my love). Only few days time to decide :/ hard!
  8. Love and relationship with my man <3 time spend together What would happen if you should spare 30 days without your partner?
  9. snell

    This or That?

    Rain Small or big city?
  10. snell

    This or That?

    Mice Smashed potato or rice?
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