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  1. I think lenny writers/shippers have always been a minority, even on this forum. Maybe it's because lenny's are mostly males and not really into commenting, or leaving reviews. Its a man thing. Lol. But loyalty is our game. That's why we are still going strong on here and elsewhere. We want more lenny stories that embrace how unique lenny are and what got us hooked on their love in the first place. Keep up the good work guys. I know I don't post often, but the love for lenny still lives. Sent from my SM-S908B using Tapatalk
  2. I love all the lenny fics. I was going through some really hard times in 2015. Fanfics played a big role in my recovery. They were my go to place, to put me in my happy zone. The big bang theory, expecially Lenny was what I needed and boy, did I wait, not so patiently for next chapters. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  3. I didn't know about becuzitswrong death. So sad to hear. 123justaqfriend. Well, what can I say. Absolutely amazing writer. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  4. Ah, I forgot about TrainsAreCool. WeBuildThePyramids, 5 Mississippi and Joseph Aniwaya wrote some great Lenny stories back in the day. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  5. My fave writers are SRAM, TENSOR, Terriblewaitress and Sladenoddy, off the top of my head. There are many more that I have not mentioned, kudos to all.
  6. I stopped reading Lenny fanfic for that reason. Unfinished stories. There are so many good Lenny fanfics out there that are very well written and uncompleted which is very annoying per say. Saying that, I will only read stories from authors that I know will always complete their stories. I haven't read a Lenny fanfic in years, it just I haven't had the time. I should get back into it as I know I'm missing out on some wonderful Lenny stories. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  7. Happy birthday Chucky. Hope you had a great day. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  8. I think they probably realised they hadn't much in common apart from their love of horses and competing. Karl never really turned up to events to support her. She went with her sister or her staff. Could be their busy schedules took its toll and just fell out of love. Who knows? Covid lockdown could have had a profound impact on the relationship as well. Fighting over things. My perspective is that they probably had problems beforehand and maybe the pandemic brought additional pressure on their relationship. I'm surprised they didn't seek relationship counseling. All signs that there is trouble in paradise. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  9. You certainly make some good points. They seem to have a lot in common and on the same page. Something didn't click I guess. Life is what you make it. We don't know all the circumstances of what led to all the issues which led to filing for divorce. We may never know. I hope she finds what she is looking for. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  10. Is kaley of sound mind I wonder. Just saying. I thought she found happiness with Karl and now they are throwing it all away for what? Is there more to the breakup? Didn't she say she wanted kids a few years ago? What happened with that? Her career has taken off in a big way and she has abandoned her earlier goals to pursue her new ambitions which is fair enough. She seems to fall out of love as quickly as she falls in love. I question her mental state sometimes, is love just a fairy tale to her for a few years. I hope all is good with her and she finds everlasting happiness/ true love one day and a way of juggling it with her career. Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
  11. Let's hope she gets her wish. Lots of positive reviews. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  12. Loving it and hope there is a season 2. I i know its adapted from a book, but the character has so much potentials to grow. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah, you are right. Also touches of her great facial expressions did not go unnoticed. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  14. On episode 6 atm. Great performance from Kaley as expected. Kind of hard getting used to her playing a non- comical role, but she is nailing it for me so far. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks. Me 2. I have the last 2 episodes on my DVR and can't bring myself to watch them. Just keep putting it off. To be fair, I skipped the last 2 seasons. Sent from my SM-N976B using Tapatalk
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