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  1. Last Person Who Posts Wins

    My win on Resurrection Day!!
  2. The 42,000 Replies Thread

    40 514 Hi Karen, Mike, Lady and Strawberry!
  3. A-Z All Things The Big Bang Theory

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper
  4. Person above you

    So so. PAM doesn´t give a f...who loves him/her.
  5. Person Below You

    False. Though I made a long hiatus... PBM loves wearing sneakers.
  6. The TPBM Game

    No. TPBM has discovered a new favorite candy.
  7. True or False?

    True. TNP has some flowers insided their house.
  8. The Q&A Game

    No. How old were you when you tried first to smoke a cig or something?
  9. Your Country

    In my country most of all friends I know, incl. my ,they hate Trump!!
  10. The 42,000 Replies Thread

    40 174 Hi all!
  11. Last Person Who Posts Wins

    I'd like to give this win to Shelledincoopedup!
  12. Star Wars: Rogue One (spoilers)

    I love it! I had big expectations and I was not disappointed. Great movie and also great actors!
  13. Last Person Who Posts Wins

    No no no it's certainly my win now! Oh and don't forget it's Miss Kitka's Birthday! Or better it was for people on this side of the pond:-) Thanks to her we have this thread!
  14. The 42,000 Replies Thread

    39864 Hi Mike, Karen and Red
  15. The 42,000 Replies Thread

    39 796 It seems Mike was quicker writing the palindrome!