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  1. I still wonder if Jim participate in the Push-up Challenge!
  2. Is there a way to read Jim´s Weibo account in english?
  3. Is this show also available on youtube or elsewhere? Denis Leary was the main actor in a fire department serie that got cancelled on the tv channel I watched, so sad. Can´t remember the name of this serie but I really loved it!
  4. Yes, currently he´s up to 2´984´471 followers.
  5. Does anybody knows if Jim´s still posting on that Weibo thing?
  6. Are you sure? It shows 854 to me too. I don´t think there´s something missing.
  7. That was in season 5, episode 16 The Vacation Solution.
  8. Ahhhh, a photo like in the good old days....! Thinking of mug selfies...
  9. I´m so glad he posts personal photos again. Not that he has to, but I´m just happy!
  10. Jim posted a cute IG pic ! Maybe someone can show it here.
  11. Thanks for posting this here. Although I´m a Jim fan I have to say that I like Kunal dancing more
  12. Jim is so funny when he´s dancing! @hummingbird have a lot of fun at the taping!!!!
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