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  1. I still wonder if Jim participate in the Push-up Challenge!
  2. Is there a way to read Jim´s Weibo account in english?
  3. Is this show also available on youtube or elsewhere? Denis Leary was the main actor in a fire department serie that got cancelled on the tv channel I watched, so sad. Can´t remember the name of this serie but I really loved it!
  4. Yes, currently he´s up to 2´984´471 followers.
  5. Does anybody knows if Jim´s still posting on that Weibo thing?
  6. Are you sure? It shows 854 to me too. I don´t think there´s something missing.
  7. That was in season 5, episode 16 The Vacation Solution.
  8. Ahhhh, a photo like in the good old days....! Thinking of mug selfies...
  9. I´m so glad he posts personal photos again. Not that he has to, but I´m just happy!
  10. Jim posted a cute IG pic ! Maybe someone can show it here.
  11. Thanks for posting this here. Although I´m a Jim fan I have to say that I like Kunal dancing more
  12. Jim is so funny when he´s dancing! @hummingbird have a lot of fun at the taping!!!!
  13. What I like too is that he was allowed to speak so long. It seems the interviewer didn´t interrupt him one time. So the interview gets more personally.
  14. I think he likes to make us curious, he surely knows all his fans are thinking now where he has been, hehehe!
  15. Thank you, I didn´t know that. But doesn´t matter. I´m just happy he had such a successful 2015.
  16. Aaaww, I´m in love with this IG pic! Best one ever! It seems he took some time for making it and then sharing with us is so nice.
  17. So nice of him to share a thanksgiving photo with us. I'm so happy for him that these two had found each other and still have a great time together! Still hoping he posts more.
  18. Wow, that are a lot new pics of Jim!!! I didn´t know that he did further Intel ads. I love all of them especially the one in the car where he´s singing. And it seems he had a really nice and funny evening with his friends and Todd at the GLSN! Soo happy for him!
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