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  1. I ate too much cake and cookies today in my pants.
  2. Thinking about that it´s a long time since I´ve been here.
  3. Yes. HYE been in a snow storm?
  4. Don´t fight guys - it´s me winning!
  5. No. Do you listen more to CD´s or radio?
  6. Thinking about how nice it was last week my friend from other country visiting me.
  7. Granted, they live now next door to you and show up every hour. I wish my antifog towel for my car is of good use.
  8. Hedgehog Rice or pasta?
  9. XXX State of the Union
  10. False TNP only listens to 1 or 2 radio stations.
  11. False TPBM hates it when stores already sell christmas stuff now.
  12. False. PAM´s favorite color is purple.
  13. You mean hugs?? Sometimes. PBM likes mexican food.
  14. No HYE collected leaves in fall?
  15. I can´t remember... What was the last movie you´ve seen?
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